Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…
When someone tells you that what you believe to be true is quackery or nonsense, learn to review those statements with the same open mind that inspired you to develop new ways of being or to invent new methods of work. With the open mind, you need not judge anyone for not seeing your vision. You can only keep going forward with your Soul’s journey with enthusiasm and joy.

Ascended Master Wilhelm

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms –

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…
If you would review the past year, what memories stand out? Would you recognize the joyful little moments? Would you recall the painful experiences? It isn’t vital that you recall anything except the moment you now breathe. It can have value to review what remains unacknowledged or unforgiven. It can have great value to review the many moments that you touched another soul and those moments that another soul touched your life. Most valuable is that whatever occurred in the past year, everything said or done, unsaid or neglected, is now part of who you are now. Gratitude and Peace be with you.

Ascended Master Jonathan

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms –

Affirmations That Work by Owen Waters

Affirmations That Work
by Owen Waters

Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind in a desired direction. This helps to empower you to move through emotional blockages which may be limiting your opportunities to experience life to the fullest.

Every time you make a mental affirmation, your subconscious mind hears it and adjusts towards the reality of that statement. The subconscious mind does not filter, it just acts on your statements. It is important, therefore, that you feed yourself positive thoughts about who you are.

A great way to start is to make a habit of using the classic affirmation, “Every day, in every way, I am becoming better and better.”

Ignore any skepticism that arises inside you when you start doing this. That’s just the automatic response which comes from resistance to change. Remember, for every action in life, there is an opposite and equal reaction. When you launch into an action which will cause change, resistance to change can manifest as the automatic, opposite reaction. Just carry out your action regardless. Keep going with your affirmation, and turn it into a habit.

The phrase used in the Infinite Being Meditation is extremely powerful. “I am Infinite Being” is an affirmation of your oneness with the consciousness from which all life sprang. If you find issues arising from this, such as feeling unworthy to be aligned with All That Is, then just let those thoughts go and bring your focus back onto the phrase. You do not have to justify the words or settle any internal argument about them just because of some prior conditioning as to how someone said that you “should” think in this life.

Maintain the inner discipline to stay with the affirmation and let the issues fade away unchallenged. Your inner self knows the meaning of the words and resonates in joy with their exact and literal truth. Every time you repeat this affirmation, you strengthen your realization of your connection with Infinite Being. Any lesser thoughts then become healed in the light of the greater truth.

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