TODAY’S POINT OF PEACE…Ascended Lady Master Nada – the power of choice



When you were young, you might have played on teams that were selective. First one side would pick someone for their team, and then another side would pick. This message is for anyone who felt fear or shame that you would be the last chosen. This message is also for anyone who felt powerful as the one choosing. As we remind you of those feelings, know that you are connected to Source, which always chooses you without prejudice and always gives each the power of choice. Be healed as you now forgive and are forgiven, as you choose.

Ascended Lady Master Nada

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms 

Wellness and Agreement – The Intenders of the Highest Good


The Intenders of the Highest Good –

Wellness and Our Agreement 

Opportunities are constantly presenting themselves to us. While many hold the promise of good things to come, others hold the portent of bringing situations into their lives they wish would have never come their way. That is why we serve ourselves well by strengthening our attention muscle so we can catch those pesky thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve us before they gain momentum and manifest in our outer world.

One of the areas where we can make a big difference in how our future unfolds revolves around who and what we agree with. When someone brings up an idea and looks to us to see if we are in agreement with it, we must be very careful about how we act or react to their idea. If we nod our head or agree, even in the slightest way, we give life to that idea and create an opening for it to play itself out in our daily experiences.

Sickness agreements are among the most detrimental for us to entertain. If we lend our agreement to the thought that a sickness exists and that we could possibly catch it, we place ourself in great peril, peril which we could have easily avoided if we would only have withheld our agreement from it.

The Law of Sickness Attraction is exactly the same as The Law of Attraction. Whatever we are putting our attention on is what we can expect to see manifest in our future experience. Our thoughts create our world whether they are sickness thoughts or wellness thoughts. Which one will you keep your attention on? 


Think about what you do want, not about what you don’t want.


On Contagion / Patrick’s Story 

I don’t normally have houseguests, but last month I had a close friend come by. Patrick and I always enjoy visiting with each other, although on this visit he arrived with a persistent cough. Now I must tell you that in the old days, before I learned to mentally combat these issues, I would have been very concerned about “catching” his cough. On this occasion, however, I was able to welcome Patrick and invite him to stay as long as he liked because I’ve learned to handle these kinds of things differently.

Nowadays, I see these situations as opportunities to sharpen my vigilance at watching my thoughts. In fact, Patrick gave me many such opportunities over the course of his visit because every time he went through a heavy coughing spell, I’d always notice a nagging voice in my head, saying, “You could catch his cough. You know how contagious it is. Don’t get too close to him,” and on and on. And every time I would hear these ugly voices, without exception, I emphatically applied the opposite thought, telling myself, “Get behind me! I’m fine! I’m in perfect health!” and so forth. And you know what? It worked beautifully. Pat and I had a great week together, and as I write this, I’m in excellent health because I didn’t listen to the nagging, sickness-producing voices that came into my mind. Instead, I stood up, steadfast and strong, for my own natural wellness. 


Whatever we put our attention on

that’s what we’re becoming.

We can put our attention on worst-case scenarios

or we can envision the best possible outcomes imaginable.

The one we put the most attention on is the one we’ll get.

Contagion is a belief we learned when we were very young, but now it’s time for those of us who are beginning to understand that our thoughts create our future experiences to unlearn some of our old limited thinking habits and to stand firm for positive outcomes only. That’s the way we transmute unwanted experiences and keep them from coming into our lives. We remain healthy by staying on the positive side of every belief that comes into our mind.

(Excerpted from The Highest Good Handbook by Tony Burroughs) 


The Law of Agreement Explained 

A lot of people nowadays are talking about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing. But there is another Law which also begins with the letter A that is just as important – and yet, we in The Intenders are among the very few who are even talking about it. It’s called the Law of Agreement and, simply put, it says, Agreement reinforces reality. Said another way, Your agreement with any belief or idea makes it stronger.

We can easily see how this works by looking at an example. If, for instance, one person believes it’s a good idea for everyone to go jump off a cliff, well, then it’s not very likely to happen. However, what if one hundred people agree that it’s a good idea to jump off a cliff? Then the idea gets a little stronger. Taken a step further, if enough people – say 100,000 people – agree that cliff jumping is a great idea, pretty soon we’re all standing in line at the edge of a cliff waiting for our turn to jump.

It gets even more interesting when we stop to consider that every belief system we have exists only because we agree on it. Indeed, our agreements are the building blocks of our realities; they are the very foundation upon which our beliefs are built. Not one belief, large or small, would exist for long without our agreement to it. . .

You see, we all have the option, at any given moment, to agree with what’s going on and thus add to it – or to withhold our agreement, and therefore stop reinforcing a reality or system of beliefs that’s run its course. Put still another way, your agreement is your point of power, and you can add to or weaken any idea or commonly held belief simply by making a choice. We have with us, in each moment of our lives, the ability to discern – to decide whether something is working for us or not – and to choose to agree with it and make it stronger, or to say, “Hey, I don’t think it’s such a good idea for us to jump off that cliff. In fact, cliff jumping never really got us anywhere in the past, and it doesn’t look remotely like it’s going to give us the results we’re looking for in the future. I think I’ll pass!”

(Excerpted from The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs) 


TODAY’S POINT OF PEACE…Ascended Master Tsen Tsing – judgement



The judgement you hold over yourself or another is sometimes hidden from your awareness. It is wise to forgive everyone for everything, even if you do not know what judgement is being held. To give forth (forgive) is a way of Peace. Give forth anger, fear and judgement unto your Divine Source and it will return cleansed of your limited understanding and multiplied as the Love which is in All. 

Ascended Master Tsen Tsing of the Council

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms

Fear – KRYON through Lee Carroll



That’s what fear does, you know. It leads you. It takes you here, takes you there, disappoints you, throws you on the ground, makes you sorrowful, and changes your countenance and makes you sick. 

“Fear, get in the back seat now. I don’t want anything to do with you anymore.” 

~ KRYON through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel –