Restitution of lost and forgotten abilities, talents, gifts, knowledge – that is what this is all about. Fear not! Turn to Love, BECOME all that you are in Truth.

Mysteries resolve themselves. All you must do to understand is to simply watch their unfolding.

Stories and Dogma simply dissolve away. Soon, there is only the shining, radiant Truth of Being.

The Grandmothers, 01/31/2011

Full Moon Energy

The Full Moon energy brings about release of old Karmic patterns that have blocked abundance, peace and happiness. We see familial programming transmuted into its divine counterpart. We see the human body awaken to become aware of its own beauty and perfection. We see the family unit expand out and into the societal structure, uniting all in respect and appreciation, non-judgement and acceptance. We see the family of man awaken into full awareness as the divine HU-MAN is reborn. Cherish this moment for which you were born to experience.

The Grandmothers, 01/16/2011



There is no time to worry. It is a matter of doing NOW what will create TOMORROW.

Otherwise, go about the old ways and you continue to experience the old lifestyle.

Change creates the NEW!

Change yourself and your ways and you most assuredly change your world!


🎶🎵🎶 KA-CHING 🎶🎵🎶


The Grandmothers, 01/29/2010

Sacred Duty


Yes, REVERENCE for Life! That’s the key.

Majestic is the quality best describing the Higher Self as it entertains the precepts of Being. We allow no principles concerning resolution to go unrewarded. Many are the opportunities to neglect and let slide the responsibilities of an Older Brother. But, if one determines to set a positive example, encourage, or assist those which follow, a path will open to the Highest Realms.

The Grandmothers, 03/06/2010

A Note from Betty…


Hello, my Dears!

I will be out of town and away from my computer for a couple of weeks. Thanks to the wonderful WordPress program, I AM able to schedule the Blogs ahead, so you will still be receiving them everyday. However, I will not be responding to any comments until my return home. In the meantime, take care and God Bless.

From my HEART to your HEART in Love,


Useful Spiritual Tools


This is a method for recovering FOCUS:

Relax yourself (Breathe in “I AM”, Exhale “At Peace”)

Go within.

Smile on, Praise and/or Thank every organ in your body.

Give Love to yourself by calling it in (“I AM LOVE”)


This is a method for releasing Blocks:

See the challenge: a block in the flow, a walled off fear, a doubt in yourself, etc.

Call upon it to come forward into Light.

Thank it for assistance.

Release it to move on.

Give Love to it and yourself in recognition.

Thank God, Thank yourself for all that is you, all that is awareness.

The Grandmothers, 04/24/2010