The Life Force of Water


From Glenda, August 25, 2009

This concerns the health and upcoming evolution of our water.

I was wondering about tap water, and distilled water, bottled water, etc. which type of filtered water would be best for drinking before body activations…for health, etc.

Then I got a download of pictures and an explanation from someone above me, as if I was sitting on the floor watching a movie and someone was explaining it while standing above, instead of behind me, but even though the presence was felt above my head, the voice or thoughts came through the top of my head into the center of my brain, not as a voice my ears could hear. Someone answered me!! They also helped me see more on a higher level. They said that the water is a living crystal and “it” holds memory and emotion and intention, just like solid crystals do.

It carries the living force of Gaia from deep within the Earth to the surface. As water runs its cycle…from cloud vapor, to rain, then percolating down, deep within the soil, it picks up the life force of the Life Field of the Earth, the living essence and consciousness of Gaia.

The consciousness of Gaia provides the codes of the Earth, interpreted from the coding of the Sun, (given as a supplement to the Sun’s life force) to those living things on Earth…each purpose modified to fit the needs of each living thing on Earth, as well as above and within.

The water is a larger field of the Unified Field of the Prime Creator Consciousness, the Energy Field of God. Water responds to intent in the same way the sub-atomic field does, for it is a larger version of the same.

While water makes its journey back to the surface, it collects all the data of that particular area, constantly updating to match the needs of all living things in that locality.

It trickles from rock, to the stream, to the waterways, to the ocean, and while on this journey, parts may become the vapor, mist, dew, rain, etc. at any given time as required by nature around it.

The cycle is in harmony.

However, when water is pulled from the ground as well-water, or dammed up in a reservoir and then stored in tanks, heated by the sun, stagnant, not moving, it loses its life-building force, its cycle is incomplete, the coding, the communication with Gaia has been interrupted.

The swirling-“giving” movement of the electro-magnetic field or intentional field of the water then reverses polarity, becoming the taking force or destructive force that Mother uses to tear down, break down elements for recycling purposes.

The rushing waters of storms and rain that normally helps to decompose plant and animal matter, and erodes rocks and stones to sand and dirt is suddenly without the proper codes Mother Earth would have given…the field has been disrupted, harmony is disrupted. This is what most humans are drinking, what fields are watered with, what we wash with.

Earth is watched over by many beings besides the Guides and Angels, but they are the guardians of the crystals and water and have been asked to give assistance.

They know this interface of the water’s coding is reaching a volatile point, they are aware of the force turning within, the emptiness without.

They are beginning to seed the field of intention with the ancient memories of purity and purpose to help regain the health and life of the water and thus Mother Gaia. 

How this happens is a separate line of knowledge, we have but to ask for this understanding and it will be given, but we will focus on this ‘asking’ of the water.

It is calling for restructure and because the Elemental Beings work within our field of intent, they require the input of mankind’s group consciousness, the living force field contained within.

The Human Group Mind has great destructive powers due to chaos, but also great abilities of Divine order for those who control their intent. AND emotion is the catalyst within our human field.

As we see and feel peace and order, joy and love, it re-ignites the life force within the water and establishes its codings with ours.

Those few humans, who contain the ability to function in harmony of thought, love, and intent, far outweigh the influence of the chaotic minds of most humans and can overcome the disorder due to their ability to resonate in a harmonic, synergistic nature, building structure and order within the field of intent…(the field of Prime Creator’s life force).

The Great Beings are now awakening the water crystals, reviving the memory within the water to help it prepare for its new stage of evolution for as the Earth evolves, all life evolves.

As we have the potential to become “Super Human” so does the water and all other elements and life according to the harmony found within that particular field.

As we desire to be the best we can be, in order to have the most Joy and Love we can have, so do ALL other elements strive to be more.

For this reason, the Beings are ready to give knowledge to those who are ready, that there is a conscious field magnified within the water that can be called forth…and wishes to be called forth, in order to serve and evolve.

Through making itself better by being more than it is, it thus gives more to Gaia and Creation…new codings are wishing to spring forth into the expanse of the universe…for as we…and ALL that is Earth, becomes more, it sends an echo of the possibility out into the universes and other life forms can choose to use these new codings and can create new modifications of their own…thus the Prime Creator Evolves, the Universes expand!

Mother Gaia wishes all of her creations to advance and become more, no matter what past injuries any children (humans) have caused, a Mother always wants the best for her children. She wishes for us all to know the Love contained within her, as we awaken, she becomes More.

Great and Wonderful changes are beginning and all we have to do is add our own Heart-Felt emotions to the new Field of existence and new creations emerge. Thank you for contributing your unique energy frequency.

Love and Joy to you all,


On Love, Appreciation and Gratitude, Part 1/5

Bless this day and everything in it.

Give thanks for all of the Love and Joy in the Universe.

Let your heart sing in praise.

Be at ONE with the All in All.

Make your life a synchronization of the rhythm of Beingness.

Joyously attend to what’s before you in the moment – every moment.

Give your heart in every experience.


Messages from the Grandmothers. October, 2010.




Regarding the August Guidelines messages…


Hello, my Dears,

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail several weeks ago! It was a package from a dear friend containing copies of the first two years of the Rainbow Earth Group printouts. This was especially exciting to me, because my files of this material had been lost in a computer crash.

As I looked through the copies, I found several from my Daughter, Glenda! (See ABOUT section for explanation.) I immediately felt a strong sense that I should begin sharing the material contained in this package during the month of August.

The Rainbow Earth Group was formed to assist Earth and Humanity in the Ascension process. It was the mission of our Soul Group to perform this service. Also, our Group was given much information that holds Codes for triggering evolutionary DNA patterns in Humanity through these messages. The Grandmothers are saying this information will be most useful to you as we move through the remainder of this year. I do hope you find it an interesting journey!

From my HEART to your HEART in Love,







You will find that once you choose the Middle Way, there are no stark divisions, there are no separating lines or constructs.

You will find within neutrality there is no judgement, no criticism, no condemnation.

Outside of 3D polarity and separation, what remains but Love, acceptance, tolerance, appreciation.

In effect, neutrality is a Joy-full state, n’est-ce pas?