The Real Question


With God all things are possible.

God/Good is within you always, whether you recognize it or not. Do you not live? Do you not Breathe? That is the only proof you need. Why, then, can you not trust this, your very essence, to provide for you, for your needs, for your loved ones? It is resistance that holds back your good. That is the only block to your abundance in any and every area of life. Resistance is just another name for fear. The real question is what are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of? Examine that.

WHAT are you afraid of? Look at that.

This is where and how you will find the means and the way to resolve/dissolve your blocks.

The Grandmothers, 01/18/2012


Nesting Place


If you live with an Open Heart, your Highest Good will always have a Nesting Place.

Receive, Receive, Receive! It is there for you – all good, every wonderful beautiful gift of life – Joy, Love and Peace. All you need do is let go the resistance, open your Heart and Receive.

The Grandmothers, 01/17/2012

This time? It is for YOU…

It is a good thing to remember what anyone accomplishes raises the vibrations of the whole. Be assured, you are each an asset and a Blessing to many and that is good. Relax and enjoy your process, always remembering “It is ALL good (GOD)!”

This time? It is for YOU. IN-JOY!

With Love and Grace we are surrounded.

With Joy and Gratitude we receive.

That is the means and the way to approach

EVERY day, EVERY thing, always.

The Grandmothers, 01/16/2012

Through the Looking Glass


Observe the shadows of reflections (in a mirror). Do they not fall on the opposite side from your own? (Your left is its right/its left is your right.) Enigma? No, for the opposites are reversed in every respect. Now, consider the inner dynamic, of which YOU are a reflection. Look at your reflection (in a mirror), comparing it with your self. You are as that to your true nature. Let this register in your brain now.


The Grandmothers – 1/13/2012


Messages Brought Forth From the Past

The Grandmothers made sharing their information such fun! For the January 8, 2012 Session,  the following material literally fell at my feet, out of a box of old papers I was moving. I got the message, “It’s time for this to be shared, Now!”


(No date) – Bless the food whenever you eat, all the way back to the SEED and everyone involved in the servicing of it.


07/03/2004 – (Forgot a dream that seemed to be very significant and this is in response to the question of its meaning.)

It is a realization of the need to drop old prejudices and belief systems.

People are people wherever you go. And all are, in essence – ONE, a part of a whole in which you also reside. Knowing that is more than acknowledging a fact intellectually. It is necessary to BE that knowing. As one becomes a “thing”, a quality, one expands that knowledge, so that it is spread out among all its other parts eventually permeating the whole.

The same effect, in reverse, occurs with an insight into old, no longer useful behavior or belief patterns. As one accepts the need to release that pattern and works to do so, one creates an opening or pathway through which its other parts may also escape – be it family, group, or nation.


10/05/2010 – (5 days before our first Rainbow Earth Gathering on 10/10/10)





Moving from Physical Heart into SACRED HEART –





(I just got this, after all this time! 10/10/2010 is a 5 in numerology – 10+10+20+10=50=5, you drop the zeros.)


(RE: Magnetic Resonance)

What you see in me is YOURSELF (reflected back to you). What I see in you is MYSELF (reflected back to me).

You can only SEE what you resonate with. If you do not like what you SEE (you must)

Change YOUR vibrations! (Then the reflection will change accordingly.)


(RE: The Rainbow Energy – Colors of the rainbow and how our individual vibration is unique.)

A Rainbow is a combination of colors.

You are a HUE that only you can do.



It Is “Time”!



You have come so far and NOW you are ready!

In the past we were preparing the field. We have brought forth the process of moving the awareness from the Brain (3D – Duality) to focus the consciousness within the Sacred Heart (5D – Unity Consciousness).

The future will be dedicated to the process of Movement within the Higher Dimensional Network, as Multi-Dimensional Beings.

Now we will begin the process of Time Travel.

You are going to have a “Ball” (!!), both figuratively and literally….

(Vision of Reality as Spherical – EVERYTHING is spherical! Dimensions are layers within our sphere of Consciousness. We can (and do!) move within and through the various “Dimensions”, or Levels, all the time. However, we are now going to do so deliberately.)

“IT IS A NEW BALL GAME!” (Pun intended. 😉)

The Grandmothers – January 05, 2012


What next?


Hello my Dears!

Again, I had to ask my Guides that question. What next? What is the plan for December?

I had finished the latest assignment to post material from the beginning of the Rainbow Earth classes up to 2012. The material I was guided to share supplied posts through the end of November, 2017. But then, I had no clue as to what to post next. I hadn’t received daily messages for quite sometime and was beginning to question if this meant my work with guidelinesweb is completed, …. or what?

The response to my concern was an experience just as I was waking up on Sunday morning, 11/12/2017. I was neither awake nor asleep – that in between state where you are aware of your surroundings, but not actively involved – “Theta”, I think it’s called.

I was receiving instruction from my Guides, the Grandmothers. Their response was to next post the 2012 material. That it is relevant for the month of December, 2017. The reason for such is because there will be a Paradigm Shift in December (Winter Solstice) similar to that of December 2012. The example given was not to be afraid, for the effects would not be cataclysmic.

(picture) “You are in your car starting a Sunday drive, out to enjoy the beauty of Nature in the surrounding countryside. As you pick up speed, you shift gears – 3rd to 4th to 5th.”

At this point my brain kicked in. “Fifth? Fifth? Is there a Fifth gear?” I haven’t driven a straight shift for 50 years! That automobile’s gearshift only had 4 speeds.

The phone rang, rousing me to full consciousness. What a coincidence! It was my son, who happens to be a professional driver. Without even a “Hello”, I asked him if there is a 5th gear in automobiles now. He said yes, his car has 5 gears. “The 5th gear is like Overdrive – that’s what you use when you go ‘Cruising’.” He laughed. (I guess he got a mental picture of me going “Cruising” in my pajamas!) I apologized for my brashness and explained why I asked. In the process it all became clear. I felt that the gears symbolize our shifts from 3D to 4D in 2012 and from 4D to 5D (Overdrive/Cruising speed!) in December 2017.

Later, I mentioned this conversation to my husband. He said his car has 6 speeds, the 6th gear is the Overdrive.

“Oh!”, I exclaimed. I truly had an “Aha!” moment. As we now have a higher powered vehicle (our 5th dimensional body), we will be able to shift into an even higher Cruising speed, 6th gear, (to 6D!) in 2024.

I AM excited!

From my HEART to your HEART in Love, 💞



Ascension: Transmuting Duality into Unity

The Third dimension is the Plane of Duality – Positive and Negative, or Good and Evil, if you will. Duality denotes separation. To serve as an example, oil and water don’t mix unless you add an emulsifier – WHICH CHANGES THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE! – uniting what was before incompatible.

When we add Divine Love to the Duality of Positive and Negative/Good and Evil, it serves like an emulsifier to unite the two opposing poles into one, raising the vibrational frequency to that of the Fifth Dimension – the Plane of Unity.

The Grandmothers, July 24, 2011