The Gabriel Messages

Trust in the universal flow of good and know there is a Creative Solution in all situations.

 Dear One,

The Divine Presence is an energy which is omnipotent, everywhere present and has infinite capacity for good. This energy flows through you and surrounds you at all times. There is never a time when you are not a part of this energy flow of God, which is Divine Love. In this you can place your trust. You can also be assured that regardless of where you are or what the situation is, all energies flow to the highest good for all concerned, at all times.


You can set an intention in your mind or on paper for what you want to see manifest in your life. This gives direction to the universal flow of energy. It’s like holding a vision of your target in your mind, and then taking aim with a bow and arrow. When you release the arrow, you trust it will go where you aim it. The power of God is the energy behind the release of the arrow, but you are the one who takes aim. When you clearly know what qualities you want in your life and can keep your focus, this Universal energy will flow where you want it, following the direction of your intention.

The qualities we refer to are qualities of consciousness — such as Peace, Love, Harmony, Well-being, Divine Order and Abundance. All these words have been used to describe qualities of the Higher Power, and as they manifest through the universal flow of energy in your life, they create the perfect outworking of your soul’s expression in every situation. When you hold these divine qualities as your intention, creative solutions miraculously appear.

God wants you to experience happiness, love and all that is good. You have a divine right to ask for these qualities to manifest. Regardless of your circumstance, begin now to be very clear about what qualities you want in your life. Write them down. Post them in a place where you will be reminded. You can set the course for your life in this way. Review your intentions often and remain aware of them when circumstances seem upsetting. It is in those moments of upset that you can clearly ask for a Creative Solution to manifest. After that, you need to let go and trust.

The grace of God is available to all who ask, know what qualities they want to manifest in their lives, and can open to trusting the process. Remember your guidance for today:

Trust in the universal flow of good and know there is a Creative Solution in all situations

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel –

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

What provokes you to roar? Anger? Fear? Attempt to get someone’s attention? Declaration of your loyalty? Think for a moment of all the times you feel compelled to roar. Now, imagine what inspires you to purr, to whisper, to speak with calm. It is appropriate to use both levels of communication when you are in your consciousness of purpose. Staying in a roar when you could use your purr communication might be a barrier to your Peace and the Peace that others deserve.

Ascended Master Alan R

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms –

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

Think about the last time someone showed kindness toward you. These acts live on far beyond the moment it was given. When showing kindness to another you offer the memory of the energy received that will long outlive the personalities involved. Will you be willing to demonstrate kindness to everyone you connect with today, tomorrow, every day? Kindness generates Peace.

Ascended Master Josiah Q

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms –

Divine Master of Creation, Peggy Black and the ‘team’

Divine Master of Creation
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to acknowledge humanity for the level of awakening that has been taking place over the last several years since 2012.  There was a total shift in collective consciousness that took place at that time. It has been a gradual awakening; slowly each earthwalker has awareness of a new level of consciousness. We celebrate this with you and honor each of you for your willingness to open and allow a new level of consciousness to be present in your conscious mind and activities.

Where do you go from here? 

Let us offer some ideas as to what is happening in your awareness. We invite you to consider that you are the doer, the doing and the deed. When you allow yourself to consider that the reality you are experiencing is of your own creation, you become empowered and step into the knowing that you are pure conscious energy. You are the creator, the creation and the result.  Other ways of saying this are that you are the canvas, the artist and the painting. You are the mirror, the reflection and the observer.

We want you to look at your life and apply this concept to what is happening. Notice what you will own as your creation and notice what you are willing to blame on others or events. We stress this truth to you that if it is in your reality, you have created it in some manner from your beliefs and patterns. 

If your reality is something that you do not like or that you push against, look carefully from a place of interest and see how you might have created what is happening.

This process of enlightenment is the next level of your personal empowerment. When you can view what you are experiencing from a place of ownership everything will shift.

Remember you are here in this dimension as a divine master of creation. You are here to practice creating; you are here to practice manipulating energy. However this planet is the most challenging because the energy field of this dimension is an energy field of unconscious limitation.

As a divine conscious being, when you come into a physical body you are required to match the energy field of the dimension that you step into. So you as an all knowing divine being, come into a physical body, empathically matching this realty of limitation.

Many people take their first breath and their last never realizing who they really are. They stay unconscious and their physical consciousness is programmed with limitation.

However there has been a subtle shift taking place within the collective consciousness. More and more individuals are awakening to the realization that they are more than their physical self.

You are awakening to your true understanding of why you are here at this time on this limited planet. You are awakening and realizing that you have been creating your reality all along. We know this will trigger those who have experienced abuse, heartache, trauma.

So let us explain. Imagine as a divine being you decided to come back to the limited dimension to uplift and transform misqualified energy. As a powerful master this seemed like an easy task, so you decided to take a physical form, a body. Yet remember, part of this dimension’s energy is unconscious and limited. So the minute you take your first breath you go unconscious and your physical consciousness is programmed with limitation. You forget that you are a divine powerful creator here to transform the negative energy in this dimension the negative energy that you experience.

So each negative experience triggers your sense of being powerless, the victim. You live out the reality that life here is difficult, painful and unfair. You talk about the unfairness, the difficulty, your news continues to broadcast the negative events and they continue to stay locked in place as well as this just creating more of the same.

We say stop! We say own your power to transform! Step out of your limited unconsciousness and truly own your ability to create. Own your responsibility for creating the negative even if you are uncertain just how you created it.

The energy that has been bathing your planet is an energy supporting you in stepping out of these limitations and this state of unconsciousness. Welcome this energy; breathe this energy into your body, allow it to subtly shift your limited points of view. Allow it to shift your sense of being powerless. Allow this energy to heal and uplift your programs and feelings of being trapped in a negative cycle.

Humanity is awakening from centuries of amnesia, centuries of negative and misqualified energies.

Your body is responding to this stimulation of cosmic energies. Notice how you are feeling, what is happening in your body? Where is your energy level? Do you feel exhausted, tired, fatigued?

We invite you to breathe into these feelings, sound these feeling to clear them from your field. State your intentions clearly. Be in nature, walk, and rest as needed. Take care of yourself as your body is going through this awakening, this ascension process.

There will be more and more massive shifts and huge global changes. The energy that is being gifted to this planet is transforming the veils of forgetfulness. This energy is offering humanity the opportunity to truly step into their magnificent divine self- knowledge that they are always the creator of realities. 

We join with you and celebrate your awakening. You are loved and supported by the galactic beings of light as you experience this dense dimension and transform it. the ‘team’

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“We invite you to consider that you are the doer, the doing and the deed. When you allow yourself to consider that the reality you are experiencing is of your own creation, you become empowered and step into the knowing that you are pure conscious energy. You are the creator, the creation and the result.  Other ways of saying this are that you are the canvas, the artist and the painting. You are the mirror, the reflection and the observer.” the ‘team’

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Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

What is next for your life adventures? The adventure can be calm and deliberate. It can be daring and celebratory. Whatever you choose, let Peace be in each step. Be mindful that the preceding steps have led you to this moment. And so, with gratitude and courage we invite you to say, “Onward I go!” For even if the steps be small or slow, ask, “What joy and fulfillment lies before me?”

Ascended Master Rudyard

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms –

You Have Physical Bodies, So Do This ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You Have Physical Bodies, So Do This ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are living just as much as you all are living, even though we do not have physical bodies at this point in our spiritual evolution. We are just as much alive as any physical being there on Earth or anywhere else in the galaxy. You are alive because of the fact that you are consciousness. Your consciousness is just focused in a particular place, a place that includes a physical body that you think of as yours. It’s more of a rental, however, and you get to change anything and everything about your consciousness, about yourselves, but the physical realm often looks the same to you, unless you make a gigantic change in your vibration. 

This is why it is so challenging for us to convince humans that you all do in fact create the reality that you experience. It is because of that time lag from when you alter something very fundamental about yourself and when you see the reflection in the outside world. But if you put how you feel first, if you prioritize feeling over everything else, then you can notice a change right away. A change in how you feel is significant and something that we highly recommend. 

Now, as we have said in a recent transmission, you can and you will see faster and faster manifestation times, and we do want you to pay attention to that, because getting that kind of validation is important; it keeps you going. But ultimately, we would love to convince all of you that how you feel is everything. How you feel is so important that you will do a lot just in order to put yourself in a position where you might get to feel something. 

But now we want to encourage you to skip all of the doing and go straight to the feeling, and we tell you this because we want to see you living happier lives. We know from our experience and from watching you all that having lots of stuff and accomplishing lots of things only give you the feelings that you wanted temporarily. And then you have to set a new goal, or you have to set your sights on something else to acquire. But when you demonstrate to yourself that you can feel bliss for no reason at all, no reason other than that you chose to feel bliss, then you are really on to something. 

You can go further than your minds can possibly imagine with reaching for higher and higher states of being, all while staying in your bodies and with nothing outside of you changing one bit. But first you have to care about how you feel enough to actually put these skills that you have inside of you to use. We invite you to remember a time when you felt better than you’ve ever felt before, and we want you to realize that those feelings are inside of you at all times, just waiting for you to give yourselves an excuse to feel them. Don’t experiment with this because you want something to show up in the physical to affirm it, because that then will take you out of the feeling. 

Do it because you can; reach within yourselves for the best possible feeling that you can conjure up because you have bodies. And when you feel very, very good in your bodies, you start to appreciate them a bit more, and you start to appreciate where you are there in the physical and there on your planet, and you might as well start enjoying your lives now, rather than continuously waiting for something to happen so that you can have a good enough excuse to enjoy them.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The Arcturian Council through Daniel Scranton –