Kryon: Duality – Your Intuitive Gift

Duality – Your Intuitive Gift

This is not a long message, but it’s a profound one. We told you that duality is not a negative word and that it doesn’t indicate a struggle. Even though some would define it as a struggle, it is a gift.

It is an intuitive gift from the Original Source of your creation, which allows you to choose without judgment.

As a Human Being with sentience and intelligence, each of you has the ability to work the puzzle of life and decide what energies you wish to gravitate toward. It’s so easy to call these energies light and dark, but it’s not that simple. We often do that for basic understanding.

Actually, duality is the energy of appropriateness for your life, and it’s a choice you make for yourselves. It’s also the energy that is appropriate for your culture, for your planet, and for your time.

Those energies of appropriateness shift and change with the generations, so it is not an easy choice since it is always a moving target. It’s a gift of discernment of what works for you. Old Souls on the planet intuitively recognize that what works is what is closest to the original Creator’s core energy.

Duality is not a struggle, Dear Ones. It is a precious choice – a f*ree one.

However, suddenly, in this new energy, you are in a time where the choices are starting to be easier because of something that we told you in the last channel: You’re starting to have help. If you want to call this energy, help, then go ahead. But it’s actually you with you, Dear Ones.

For, suddenly, that immensity of your Soul that is part of you and always has been, starts allowing you to have an overview from the Field.

It comes from the energies of the potentials that are all around you, which are starting to be intuitively sensed.

In other words, your path is not a mystery any longer. It’s available to sense at a wonderful new level.

And so it is,

— Kryon

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

It is part of every human’s experience to feel upset when a life situation is not expected or has disturbed your feeling of equilibrium. Your spiritual practice allows you to feel the upset without becoming attached to a blame or other meaning about it. Notice your upset feelings and place them in your breath to bless the energy they hold. It is in this blessing you will find the deepest possible way to use the energy for your good and the good of all. Let your upset be a fuel for Peace.

Ascended Lady Master Ariana, Goddess of Truth

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms – 

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

Ascension is yours and is not a future event. There are practices and ceremonies that assist one in experiencing the Ascension, and these will remind you to live in the consciousness that is detached from the physical expectations of life. Ascension is not an occurrence that lives in your eternity unless you choose to live in the Oneness of Love with each breath. Ascension is often misunderstood as arriving to a plane of existence free of Karma. Rather, it is a living Presence at one with Karma and all Divine Laws. Ascension is eternal Peace.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms – 

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

Be willing to receive all the good that is given you. This need not mean that you must accept all the gifts in physical form. For while you gratefully receive the Love that is within All, you are filled with overflowing energy which serves your body, mind, and Soul. You may choose how you will receive, yet it is wise to trust that you have room in your many bodies of Light for all that is given. Think, “I accept the Love of All in this offering.”

Ascended Master Tsen Tsing of the Council

Point of Peace – Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms – 

Kryon – An Exercise

An Exercise

We wish to give you an exercise that is metaphoric.  Good visualization is important here. There is a crate on your lap filled with gifts—the solutions to your challenges that you have right now are there. 

There are energy potentials for your future that are there. There is life change. Spirit knows who you are, and we are in the now, you know. 

We see what you can do, and, to us, the potentials using these solutions are as real as your reality of time is to you. There is a crate on your lap with the solutions to your problems, and you created it. 

It has your name right on it.  The invitation for those receiving this message is that you can open it very easily and watch that lid pop open.

Spiritual solutions from home will flow out and glisten with their diamond light and their Godliness as they attach themselves to you. They are old and have been waiting for activation through intent. 

They represent a friendly energy—an energy that you have expected as a healing—that you asked for when you asked for instructions on what to do next.


through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel