Beloved masters, a wondrous time has come, a time for which we have long waited. Yes, you too have awaited the arrival of this blessed event even though you knew not what it was. The focus for many thousands of years has been on God as the Father, and you have sought to embody his dominant virtues and attributes: power, will, wisdom, truth and valor. Now it is time for the Goddess, your Mother God, to radiate the fullness of her love, compassion, creativity and wisdom throughout this Sub-Universe.  Every Facet of Creation is being touched and affected by this awesome gift.

 Just as surely as you came forth into the world from the cradling warmth of your mother’s womb, so did we all burst forth as Spirit from the womb of our Divine Mother God. From our Father God’s Divine Mind Essence came White Fire Seed Atoms of creation, which were radiated forth into the heart center/core – the Cosmic Womb – of our Mother God’s Being. Then through their unified desire, we were radiated forth into individualized consciousness — spiritual expressions of such great and complex variety, it is beyond comprehension.          

 We have explained to you, over these many past years, how the Rays of cosmic consciousness have changed colors as well as frequencies during each ROOT RACE AND SUB-ROOT RACE ERA –– how they have been increased or diminished in force depending on the new Divine Blueprint, what was needed at the time, or what was to be experienced and integrated within a certain era of humanity’s passage through the many Ages.         

 You also have heard of the Golden Ray, which represents and carries the radiance, virtues and attributes of our Father God, and of the Silver Ray, which radiates the reflective virtues of our Mother God. We tell you now, this Silver Ray is just a minuscule Facet of her awesome power and radiance.  The new energy that is now pouring down upon the Earth and humanity has been called the Platinum Ray, the Diamond Ray, and the Crystalline Ray, but no matter what you call it, it cannot describe the magnificence of this miraculous gift that is being given to all Creation.  

 It is the memory of the perfect love of your Mother God, described by the ancients as the “Holy Spirit,” that you have yearned for and sought throughout these many ages, precious ones. A place within your heart center has ached; a place that could not be filled by anything or anyone in the physical expression. The time has come for that place to be filled to overflowing with her unconditional love, compassion, strength and purity. All you have to do is remove the insulation from around your heart/Soul chamber – your Sacred Heart – and allow her radiance to enter.

 I hear the whispers in your minds, beloveds, “But am I worthy?” We tell each and every one of you, yes, you are worthy — no reservations, no exceptions. Yes, the Universal Laws are enforced here as with everything, laws which will determine through your vibrational frequencies how much of this energy you will be able to integrate. But without exception, it is available to all, and eventually, a White Fire Seed Atom of this rarified love potion will be ignited within every heart, and in every corner and Facet of Creation. It cannot be otherwise, for it has always been there; however, it became diminished in radiance each time you sank deeper into the density of the material planes of consciousness. 

 You see, it is time for reunification at all levels, from the highest to the lowest; therefore, the attributes, aspects and virtues of the Mother Creator will be the dominant force in this Sub-Universe until a balance between your Divine masculine and feminine Nature is once more attained. Your DNA is encoded with Divine love, compassion and creativity, as well as the strength, power and the will to create, which were passed on to all sentient Beings by our spiritual parents. This is a vital component in attaining Unity Consciousness once more.

 We have focused on and tried to explain why so many of you are experiencing distress, discomfort and uncertainty, and yet, at other times a sense of great joy, wonder and expectation well up from within. Some are calling it the Light Workers’ syndrome, and this is an appropriate title. Here again, you cannot even begin to comprehend what is happening to you and your Earth, as well as this Sub-universe and the entire Universe. You are mutating as your DNA strands are unbundled and activated, and your brain is slowly being refined and upgraded. You are also reconnecting to your cosmic lineage as you move along the skeins of time, back to the time when you separated from your Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triad, and began your journey into the density of the Fourth- / Third-dimensional realms of materiality.

 Envision the column of Light that your spinal column has become, or is becoming, and see it move down into the crystalline core of the Earth. Then observe the expanded sensation you feel as it extends out of your crown chakra until it connects with your Fifth-Dimensional Sacred Triad. Now envision other smaller beams projecting out horizontally from your column of Light as they touch and merge with individual Souls in physical embodiment — your Soul / Star family here on Earth with you. These energy projections are not the same as those you extended to others, in the past, in the Third-Dimensional expression. Those projections were attachments which were intended to control, possess or siphon energy. The Rays of Light you are now projecting carry the virtues of unconditional love and unity.

 Watch the Rays of energy you have projected, which are part of you and the radiance you are reclaiming, as they connect with your Soul family in the higher realms, as well as with the masters, angelic Beings, and those with whom you have a great affinity. Yes, see your beam of Light connecting and merging with my energy, and with that of the other beloved archangels, as well as those of every great Being you know and recognize, and even some you don’t remember. The time will come when you will be ready to merge, in full consciousness, into the heart center of our Father/Mother God within this Sub-Universe. This will occur in the far distant future, but we assure you, it will happen. For now allow yourselves to get used to the idea that you are becoming multidimensional Beings of Light.

 You are projecting your essence, the unique Being you have become, into the realms of the higher inner Dimensions and out into the solar system and galaxy. You are following your own individual path homeward — journeying back through the past toward your glorious future.  

 Beloveds, when anyone speaks of a coming or predicted event in a negative way, why not give them another view point, another possibility or probable future?  Ask them to help us manifest the highest outcome so that you may experience this transition into the Light with joy, ease and grace. It is a time of golden opportunities – do not miss out on the gifts that are being offered you. Know that I am with you as you expand into the Light and reclaim your rightful place as a beloved child of our Mother/Father God, I AM Archangel Michael.


Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article, I, Ronna Herman Vezane, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Personal sharing with friends, or posting on websites and in publications is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my website address is included.

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This is an excerpt from Patricia Cota-Robles December, 2019 newsletter. To read more, click on the link at the bottom of this page.



 The first celestial event involves a comet from interstellar space that entered our Solar system around October 26th. This comet which has been named 2I/Borisov, will pass closest to the Earth on December 8th according to NASA. This is only the 2nd time that a comet that originated from outside of our Solar system has ever been detected by astronomers. This comet is described as being 1.2 to 10 miles in diameter with the most hyperbolic orbit of all of the thousands of known comets. The Company of Heaven said this comet is shaking the ethers in new ways and braking down the obsolete patterns of separation and duality that are still adversely affecting Humanity’s awakening process.


On December 12th we will experience a very powerful Full Moon and a multidimensional celestial alignment that will open a Portal of Light that has been building in momentum for over 500 years. The influx of Light from this Portal will intensify until the December Solstice on December 21-22, 2019. During the Solstice, this unprecedented influx of Light will be anchored at a cellular level within Humanity’s Earthly Bodies.


December 12th is a powerful day in its own right, but this year the influx of Light that will bathe the Earth is being exponentially expanded because of the recently activated Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA within every person on Earth.


In the outer-world, for the past 500 plus years, on December 12th people all over the Planet have been honoring the aspect of Mother Mary known as the Virgin of Guadalupe. This collective and rhythmic focus of attention on Mother Mary, who is an exponent of our Mother God and the Divine Feminine, has been building in momentum year by year. This has created a mighty Portal of Light that extends from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God into the Center of the Earth.


It is not by accident that December 12th is the day of celebration that turns Humanity’s attention to the Divine Feminine which is the Love Nature of God anchored in every person’s Heart Flame. 12:12 is a sacred geometric code that was imprinted within the DNA of Humanity by our I AM Presence after our fall from Grace. The Divine Intent of this code is to serve as a catalyst for Humanity’s accelerated awakening once we Ascended into a frequency of Light that would allow our I AM Presence to reactivate our Twelve Strands of DNA which became fragmented and dormant after the fall. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth this miraculous event was God Victoriously accomplished in August of 2019.


Now it is time for the 12:12 catalyst encoded within Humanity’s DNA to be activated in a way that our God Parents have assured us will accelerate the awakening of the masses. All is in readiness. Under the direction of our Father-Mother God every person’s I AM Presence will begin the initial activation of this 12:12 catalyst on December 12, 2019. This activation will build in momentum for eleven days. The full Divine Momentum of this 12:12 activation will then be permanently sealed at a cellular level within the Core of Purity in every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies. This will occur during the December Solstice on December 21st and 22nd.


2019 is numerically a twelve year, 2+0+1+9 = 12. That means that this year December 12th is a 12:12:12 frequency of vibration which is perfect for the activation of the awakening 12:12 catalyst in every person’s DNA. The code 12:12 aligns with the Sacred Geometry associated with our Solar System. This is why we have Twelve 5th-Dimensional Strands of DNA, Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras, Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity, Twelve Constellations in our Zodiac and Twelve Ages in our 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes. This is also why we hear so much about the power of the 12 times 12 and the number 144 or 144,000 in relation to the events of this Ascension process. Interestingly, this information is being shared on our 144th Vlog.


The activation of the 12:12 catalyst encoded within our DNA will begin on Dec. 12th. This activation will build in momentum and be sealed within the Core of Purity in the cellular structures of Humanity’s Earth Bodies by our I AM Presence during the Solstice on Dec. 21st and 22nd. According to the Company of Heaven this catalyst is designed to accelerate the awakening within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity.


This powerful week will begin with the December Solstice and progress with the spiritual traditions of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. That means that there will be literally billions of people around the World opening their hearts and honoring God with their Loved Ones. That will create a collective Cup of Consciousness through which our Father-Mother God will be able to infinitely expand the Light we will experience through the very timely Eclipse Series that begins on Christmas Day.


On December 25-26, 2019, we will be blessed with a partial New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse will build in momentum through the Birth of the New Decade 2020, and be brought to fruition with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 11-12, 2020.


We were told by the Company of Heaven that the unfolding Divine Plan for 2020 is intended to raise the consciousness of the masses of Humanity and transform the surfacing outer-world events in ways that have never before been attempted. Through the unified efforts of the Company of Heaven and awakening Humanity, we will succeed in preparing Humanity and Mother Earth for this quantum shift.


Precious Heart, we at Era of Peace wish you a Glorious and God Victorious December and New Year. Words cannot express how Grateful we are for YOU and your willingness to be the Open Door for these Life-transforming opportunities.


God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles


Era of Peace

PO Box 17446, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7446

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Remain in the State of Joy


Remember when you get a new idea to be cognizant of Higher Guidance and express Gratitude.

It is now time to be open and receptive and to remain in that state of Joy.

There is a period of adjustment and then it is clearly a new, more pleasant world for you and yours.

Be at Peace and in Love, Dear Ones, for that is what you are.

In-Joy Being You!


The Highest Good Healing Formula

The Highest Good Healing Formula


If you or someone you know is struggling with emotional or physical challenges, here is a formula from The Highest Good Handbook that will help.

For those who are resilient and have the strength to bounce back from the face of adversity and hardship, there is a whole world out there filled with people who want to help put their fellow travelers back on the path of happiness and creativity. If we will but open up, even a little, we will find that there are people who love us and want us to love them. Indeed, there are people all around us who need to be loved just as much as we do, and if we are willing to lift ourselves up and out of our unhappiness, and we go out and help someone else, we will soon discover something we may never have known existed. We may discover our reason for being here.

If you have lost hope
and thoughts of despair are weighing you down,
go help someone else who needs it,
and you will be helped in return.

By the simple act of helping another, we will begin to feel better about ourself. It is a great truth that when we serve our friends and neighbors in need, we gain a new outlook on life, one that makes life worth living again. Our despair vanishes and is replaced by a joy that we may not have felt in a long time. Especially when we help someone who is worse off than we are, we will see the look of gratitude in their eyes as we are doing whatever we can to improve their circumstances. It may be bringing them a meal, or helping them get dressed, or brushing their hair, or even assisting them to be more comfortable in their last days on Earth. These small acts of love come back to us in ways we never imagined.

For, in serving another, we are served. In loving another, we are loved. And in caring for another, we are cared for in such great measure that life itself takes on a profound, new direction. Once again, like little children who cannot wait to go out and play with their friends after dinner, we rediscover the value and the preciousness of having a body and using it for all it is worth.

from The Highest Good Handbook: Love, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Tony Burroughs –

Video link and transcript: A Channel for the World by Archangel Metatron


A Channel for the World by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I AM a gift to myself and in the world,
I AM a channel of myself and in the world,
As myself I AM all that is the Creator,
All that is the Creator flows through me,
I AM a gift, a channel, and the flow of the Creator,
I invite all aspects of my cells and energy to hear me now,
This confirmation is directed into the depths of my being for awakening, rather than into the world around me for all to see and hear,

I Am as I Am, a reflection and expression of the Creator and all who express the Creator.

Please accept my invocation and awakening confirmation, designed to focus your energies deep within your being, so you may seek your truth and the beauty within. I, Archangel Metatron, wish to remind you of the beauty existing within your being. As well as the beauty which extends through your being into the Creator. The beauty within you is the infinite, glowing, magnificence of the Creator. Something that is unfathomable, yet you live and breath it every day, often without even realising it.

I AM a Gift

Can you imagine you are already everything you seek; you are already the magnificence that is the Creator, you are already connected to and an expression of the Creator? If you are willing to recognise this, you are ready to recognise yourself beyond your personality, your physical body, your circumstances, and even beyond the energy of the Creator you believe to be within you. In doing so, you are ready to seek the beauty of the Creator within you, allowing it to blossom and unfold with ease and perfection. Focusing deep within your being, means that you to some extent let go of your attachment to all you know yourself to be as a physical being living on the Earth, instead you begin to identify with yourself in a new way, which is unique to you. You may recognise yourself as an expression of the Creator, as a gift to yourself and the world. The challenge is to recognise yourself as a gift and uniquely valuable from a space of love and truth within you, rather than from the ego. When your ego is involved your understanding of the oneness becomes askew; you believe you are the one and only, rather than a part of a larger puzzle where everyone is a gift. Recognising yourself as a gift is to recognise the presence of the Creator within you, this is an aspect of your mastery and inner awakening. It encourages you to shift between the energy of oneness and the ego, bringing both into unification, serving their appropriate roles. During this lesson of mastery, you may find yourself lost in illusion of being the Creator’s gift to humanity, then the extreme of experiencing the humbleness of expressing the Creator as an essence through you. When you reach a state of balance within you, your knowingness of yourself as a gift will truly blossom, and your understanding of this will be beyond anything I, Archangel Metatron, can describe to you. By using my invocation and confirmation, repeating it gently, you can begin to seek and explore within you, allowing yourself to study deeper than ever before.

I AM a Channel

If you are willing to explore the magnificent nature of your being, the presence of the Creator within you and your infinite connection to all that is the Creator, you will naturally recognise yourself as a channel. To channel is to be an expression of the Creator, expressing the Creator through all you are as an essence of the Creator living a physical, emotional and mental existence on the Earth. To channel is to distribute what is needed at the most appropriate and divine timing. This is different to channeling when your mind feels it is appropriate or when you feel others need to experience your truth because they need to make changes in their life. To channel is to allow the essence of the Creator to flow through you, while you remain in your power.

It has been said by many that certain souls will come to the Earth as gifts to humanity, channeling the Creator, destined to transform the Earth and life for many. Many people are waiting for these special ones to emerge to make the changes that are needed to the world and bring the healing which is essential. I, Archangel Metatron, wish to share that you are that gift, channel, and special soul that the Earth and humanity has been waiting for to bring transformation and healing. Can you imagine this, can you connect with this, does it feel remotely real? I, Archangel Metatron, also wish to say that your neighbours, loved ones, those in other countries and everyone across the world are also gifts, channels and special souls present to heal and transform the world. Even those who seems to be creating chaos in the world at this time. Can you imagine and connect with this? Could you recognise you are all?

You are all gifts, channels and special souls ready to work in unison as guided to achieve more than is imaginable in the world.

You are a channel for the world; to aid and assist healing and transformation in the world. This is true for everyone, even if you feel you do not know how to channel and have no gifts to share. If you do believe you can’t channel and have no gifts to share, now is the time to seek within you, once you recognise that you are a gift, an essence and expression of the Creator, everything else will unfold. There is simply a need to connect with the presence of the Creator within you. In doing so, you will connect with your truth. Beliefs and fears about not being good enough, not having skills or abilities, not knowing where to start and so forth, will fall away as the truth emerges.

You are a channel for the world, the unique way you bring forth the Creator will heal and transform yourself and many souls on the Earth. This is not a reality only for the select few, it is your reality. I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to contemplate the word and concept of channeling. Let go of everything you know channeling to be and ask within you what channeling is for you, in your reality. Through this discovery, you will affirm to yourself your natural existence as a spiritual being and a physical being on the Earth. Through the invocation and confirmation, I shared with you at the beginning of my communication, I wish to encourage you to recognise yourself anew and to realise yourself in a new light within your reality. You are a channel for the world, what does the Creator wish to express through you? What is blossoming and emerging within you to be delivered into the world? All the questions I, Archangel Metatron, put to you and you seek are all within you. There is simply a need to first recognise yourself as a gift in the purest and more humble way. In doing so you will awaken the truth of the Creator within you, understanding the purpose of the Creator as it flows through your being, connecting with you and so many souls upon the Earth.

Why is it Important Now to Seek Within?

Your own inner power in many ways is so fragile, it can seem as if it is so easily taken from you or given away. To hold onto your power in a world with so many opinions, rules and judgments can be challenging. Rejecting your power can also be easily experienced because of wounds, pain and suffering. Yet you only really know yourself and are yourself when you allow yourself to exist in the centre of your power. Now is the time to do so. When you are in your power you are a gift, a channel and transformational person for yourself and all. You empower others to be the same, you unite the presence of the Creator within you, around you and within all beings. It is time to claim your power and claim all you seek. Thus, you will assist the ascension, healing and transformation of all.

Your constant loving companion,

Archangel Metatron


Sending Light to Heal


Dear Ones, you tend to look outside yourselves as your reality (for validation), yet what you see is only a projection/reflection (of what lies within).


Yes, you can and do help to heal distortions you see outside yourself, but it is accomplished by enfolding the darkness with LIGHT.