Taking a summer hiatus…


Hello, my Dears!

This is to inform you that, beginning on June 1st, I will be taking a break from Blogging during the summer months. I will probably return to WordPress sometime in September.

As many will agree, Blogging takes a lot of time. I have found that as I age it takes me longer to accomplish things, especially that which requires physical activity. Therefore, taking a break from Blogging will not only allow me the extra time to catch up on my personal responsibilities, but will make it possible to focus more closely on my Energy Healing and Spiritual Work.

I have some drafts already scheduled to post in June, but won’t be monitoring the Blog during these months. If, however, I happen to personally receive information that I feel should be shared during this time, I will post it.

I AM sensing Timelines will continue to shift/converge/merge/separate during the coming months. As a result, we will be going over changes in our life paths, readjusting/refining/perfecting new patterns/programs. This will include the changes we have made this year in our behavior patterns, lifestyles and/or relationships.

For those interested in astrology, most of the planets will be retrograde this summer, so we will be reviewing and/or playing catch-up of one sort or another, depending where they fall in your chart. There are three significantly powerful eclipses in June/July. I have scheduled some reports on these to post during the timeframe in which they occur. You may also wish to check ‘You Tube’ for others if you want more information.

I wish you a healthy, peaceful, joyful and interesting summer filled with the Sweetest of Blessings. Let us look for and expect beautiful miracles to sprout up in our own lives and all around the Earth to renew the promises the New Age holds for all life.

From my HEART to your HEART in Love, Betty💞



Love Heals Free Global Meditation Sunday, May 31st


Love Heals



Let’s Invite Healing and Transformation

announcement from Unify – https://www.unify.org/

The world is changing every day and amidst this transitional time there are things we can all do to take steps to heal and to let love unify us all.

Please see below for ways you can participate this weekend in inviting the healing process and sharing love with those around us.


As a global human family, how can the power of Love help us face what some have called,  “A Perfect Storm” presented by COVID-19?

We can all attest to how COVID-19 has swept through the Earth recently and changed our global and individual routines. Mystics have alluded to this time and phenomena as a perfect storm. A closer look at the year 2020 reveals the numeric energetic vibration associated with Uranus, revolutionary in nature, known to enter like a hurricane, acting quickly and sometimes turning life upside down. However, it also allows us to experience the highest essence of forgiveness and universal love and compassion, when our consciousness is elevated and pure.  

The Love Heals response to these critical times of change, is to create a higher vibration of Love in our planetary electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field of the Earth impacts us as individuals, but as individuals we can come together and influence the electromagnetic field of the Earth as well. This means that each one of us is needed to create the positive global reality we desire at this time. 

Great sages, such as Hindu poet and saint Goswami Tulsidas, predicted centuries ago that the most powerful weapon to deal with the challenges of this age, would be Naam, or sacred sound current, as a manifestation of the vibration of Love. 

That’s why on May 31, the Love Heals Global Meditation is bringing thousands of people together united in love and using the power of the sacred sound current found in Naam. When we do this,  the energy of the planet is magnified and that magical healing then becomes possible in the most miraculous of ways. 

What can one expect at the Love Heals Global Meditation on May 31st?

What makes the Global Gatherings especially unique is their application of sound vibration, dynamic movement and breath, guided by Dr. Levry’s Naam-infused music that is shown by neuroscientists to heal. Thousands have experienced tremendous emotional, physical and mental healing through this music. Along those lines, the official Love Heals song, an upbeat, fun collaboration with artist Davina Leone and Dr. Levry, was created to open hearts and help people move into a space of compassion, forgiveness, and hope at this crucial time of isolation and change. We are flooding social media with this beautiful song (free at loveheals.world) and we invite you to do the same!

How can a Few help the Whole?

It only takes one candle to light a dark room and the Institute of Noetic Sciences shares that it only takes the square root of 1% of the world’s population in focused attention to impact the collective consciousness. For us, this means that out of 7.8 billion people, it only requires  uniting a minimum of 9,000 people in loving and focused intention and Naam meditation to positively impact the entire world. We invite you to be one of those 9,000 or more on May 31st.

Please join us for this unique experience. Your light is very much needed at this time.  Unite with us through the power of Love.

Register today HERE!

Find out more at loveheals.world





#MAYDAY – The world’s largest synchronized meditation in history is here!





In this crucial moment in history we need you and all your friends and family members to tune in as we come together from the safety of our homes and unite in the largest global synchronized meditation and prayer in history. We’re going to shift the global energy 


We cannot wait to hear the inspiring words from influential speakers thought leaders and performers, such as :Rev Michael Beckwith, Tony Robbins, Sadhguru, Mike Tyson, Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri RaviShankar,  Marianne Williamson, Martin Luther King III, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, Shaman Durek, Patch from Spirit Science, Akon, Will.I.am and many others.



• COPY/PASTE THE MESSAGE ABOVE AND SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA (remember to tag @sionearth #mayday #worldmeditationday) AND HELP THE MESSAGE GO VIRAL

We cannot wait!