For several years, I had the honor of serving with my daughter, Glenda, to lead a group of local Light Workers through the exciting work our Group Soul came to Earth to perform during “The Shift”, or Ascension Process.

Some of this material I will be sharing with you comes from the messages we were given to share with our Group during this time – from 10/10/10 until March of 2015. That same month, March of 2015, Glenda discovered she had stage 4 breast cancer. It had already metastasized into her bones. So, March of 2015 was our last Class. Glenda made her transition in March, 2016, just two weeks before her 58th Birthday.

We had planned so many things to do together in the future involving various ways of sharing the material we were receiving. We were a Team, but She was the Star – Truly! She was a direct, conscious Channel that could answer any question by accessing the Akashic Records. She was very well received by the New Age Community in our neck of the woods.

My job was to transcribe information via automatic writing from our Upline, Higher Consciousness. I had personally found such material very helpful over the years, using it as guidance for myself and in effort to assist my children, but had never shared it with the public until 10/10/10. At this time we were both called forth and could not avoid doing as we were directed by The Grandmothers!

I felt I was basically supporting Glenda during this time, she had so much to share with the World! I thought I would never be able to continue this work without her, but here I AM, because, before she passed she asked me to share this information online with you.

In doing this sacred work, I strive to serve the Highest Good to the best of my ability by transcribing messages from what we call our “UPLINE”. This Spiritual group entity – or group of Spiritual entities, if you prefer – began with what we were told to call “The Grandmothers”. This is an ancient aspect of the Divine Feminine, which came forward at this time to Guide us in our Work as a Group. Mother Mary and Quan Yin’s presence and Guidance was often felt in the room. Eventually other more Masculine energies and Guidance was experienced – the Master St. Germaine most often, also at times the Master Jesus, ¬†Maitreya Budda, Archangel Michael and others would join us, as well.

Eventually we were told to not bother to think of them as individuals – that they simply consider themselves as aspects of Divinity and that we are the same. That our Human Ascension Process is actually an increase in conscious awareness due to the rising vibrational frequencies of the Earth at this time.

There is much, much more that could be said about this topic, but I will leave it up to you to evaluate the information for yourself. In the hope that it will speak directly to your HEART as it has to ours, I close with what The Grandmothers told us at our very first Gathering would be the New Earth, 5th Dimensional Greeting…

From my HEART to your HEART
In Love,