It is time to make a consciousness effort to regain your focus and point of purpose, Dear Ones.

This whole journey is meant to be enlightening, is intended to bring about a shift of perspective, is designed to bring Joy.

You have lost that sense of adventure and made of it a chore. You have turned excitement into fear, pleasure into work, laughter into tears.

Let us remind you, this is not meant to be taken so seriously, Beloved. Let us reassure you, there is another way of looking at what you are doing here. Let us help you to regain your focus and shift your attitude into that higher perspective where it is a pleasure ride instead of a difficult, burdensome duty.

For, you see, it is all a matter of your point of view. What is an amusement park to some can be a chamber of horrors to others, is it not? You cannot have fun if you have made up your mind to suffer.

Let us show you the delights of the road again, the beautiful scenery along the way, the freshness of the air in the country, to remember how to feel excitement and the anticipation of what lies ahead!

Let yourself relax and be refreshed by the recreation, by the re-creation, by the ongoing newness of life once more!


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