Send unknown “perfect solutions” into your future!

Have you ever thought, perhaps, of sending specific benevolence for specific things into your future?

Let’s say something is coming in your life, and in the past, you might have been anxious about it and have said, “Well, I hope when I get there, it’s going to be alright.” Then you gather your friends and pray for the situation.

This all may seem fine and normal, but why not create energy for the situation in a way that you never have before?

How about this? Send unknown perfect solutions on that track in advance because you’re able to do that now. The solution you’re going to create in advance is perfect but unknown to you.

So, this isn’t about hoping for synchronicity or saying to yourself, “I see myself healed,” or any of those things you have learned so well. Instead, you are now sending the healing forward, so you know it’s there already when you arrive! There is no question it is there.

It’s not about if, and it’s not about synchronicity – it’s not about hope. It’s about sending it forward and walking the track, and arriving at the place you created. Remember: It’s your track, and you’ve been there before!

This is different. It’s a new paradigm, and it’s something that is extremely difficult to describe to those who live linear lives. You might say, “Well, Kryon, I’ve actually been doing this for a long time. I always pray for myself in the future.”

Excellent, but have you really understood how it works? The understanding of how it works helps you to cognize the reality of it.

The new reality is this: You are using the energy of your soul and all that you are understanding that ahead of you is known territory.

You’re going to take your own life force, your soul energy, and all that you are – your benevolence, your love, your compassion, and your consciousness, and you’re going to place it ahead of you in a comfortable place that you have been before – your future.

Someone here needs to know this. It’s someone who doesn’t understand that their healing can be started right on their “train of reality” in a way they hadn’t conceived of before.

Let’s get together right now in coherence with the entire group. While incoherence, project this with me: Anyone who is troubled in this audience, with their consciousness, with their grief, or health, or who is in fear can be helped.

I want you to create your visualization of that individual without knowing their name. See them in your mind as completely and totally healed. See them projecting themselves into their own future and absolutely knowing they are headed for solutions.

Those who you are visualizing are right with you in this goal because right now, many of them are saying, “This is what I came for! This is what I wanted. I have Old Souls all working together and doing something with me I didn’t know could be done.”

This is different from having a healing today. It’s about planning the healing in the future because it’s already there. You just put a healed individual on that track.

And so it is,

— Kryon of Magnetic Service

Excerpt from “Targeting the Future” channeled by Lee Carroll on July 28, 2019, in Stamford, Connecticut.

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