Your reality has reached a major pivotal point. This is the change you have asked for. There are no directions on how to navigate these new times, but they will be created in each moment by following your heart center. A new dimension/reality/Earth template is landing now. We don’t have words for this and neither do you; but we see that you can feel the reverberation, or the ripples, from this new energy. You are stretching and reaching for it now. It is not quite close enough, and it is not time to make the leap. There is still some polarized baggage to clean up.

Duality is cancelling itself out through the use of exaggerated extremes created between the forward thinking and the past dependent ones within humanity. Obsolete programming is being dissolved as it fights its last battles. Humanity’s consciousness is continuing to go through a huge awakening by the way of a collective dark night of the soul. Radical emotions and reactions in humanity are symptoms of this. The collective consciousness is being flushed out and prepared for the future. The polarities will now begin to dissolve because they are contaminated in every direction and on all fronts. These things do not belong in the new Earth Nuclei. From this point forward, when you look back, you will wonder how you achieved this transformation.

You are on the master’s path. This is a very fine tuned dance … to not take sides, or take up arms and go to battle for any extreme position. The way through this is to keep your balance, stay in your center and out of the non-permanent distraction of chaos that is a around you. Keep flowing through your center. You can maintain your balance by adopting an attitude of flexibility and radical acceptance of the process that is in front of you at any given moment. Remain in your heart without judgments. Be very patient, and stay in your grounded body. If you become polarized, you could collect impurities that you will have to clear and heal later and with more challenges. To stay clear and land fully into the new Earth template totally prepared, you must maintain yourself in a neutral center until the balance returns. And it will. This time of confusion and challenge is not forever.

You will know when you begin to anchor within your center and the higher frequencies. You will begin to feel uncomfortable taking up any “side” or “battle”. Your biases will be very few, because you have already begun to anchor yourself in the new Earth template and its new frequencies, that are balanced and non-polarized. The places you judge are the places, dimensions and levels of consciousness that you will become stuck in until you learn to go beyond it. Let the old fall away when it is too dense to be useful anymore. Be compassionate and let others, who seam to be lost, catch up to the new program. This all takes time, and they will come to the truth in waves. All the upcoming events that transpire are all in divine order. There is nothing to worry about. Just take comfort in knowing that what is out of balance with the new frequencies absolutely CANNOT come forward into the future. You can have confidence in this fact.

Where you place your energy is where you are. Not taking action is an action in itself. Be in the still center place, and do not get drawn into the drama that is playing out now. There is power in doing nothing and letting the universe self balance. You will be a bridge for humanity.

You are moving beyond the separation of time. You will find it easier to be present in the moment, but it will be a natural part of the process to go through levels of grief and regret of the past, fear and worry of the future, and self doubt and questioning. Do not escape these feelings, but go through them, learn, and come back to the present and your center. Tomorrow will be a great mystery that we will navigate together.

As you have discovered, it is pointless to expect to find truth “out there” no matter what the source. You must find and live from your own inner source and center, so as not to attract an event created by an unbalance (karma). If any situation triggers you, re-examine the origin of your belief system surrounding it. You are NOT your beliefs. Beliefs are not truth, and they always change with the times. But your essence never changes for it is eternal. You ARE the mirror, but you are not the reflection it sends out.

All of creation is being cleared to create a new vessel for the new Earth nuclei and the larger Earth template. We say again … surf in the center … live in the eye of the storm. Act from unity or tribe consciousness, and make your choices based on the collective well-being, and not just your individual self. When you live from this new balance, within all that is, you support and create a path for all to follow. You are the bridges that lead out of the dark night. You are the new visionaries and the way-showers. – Aluna Joy Yaxk’in with the Star Elders.

Side note … We are crossing directly over the same energy, or point in time, where deep collective wounds were caused by the fall of Atlantis. Much of the polarization, over reaction and deep resistance is coming not from the present, but from the deep wounds of the past. This is being triggered to be faced and healed, because these wounds cannot go further into the future. So again … Be kind. Know that people are going through much more than you can possibly realize. We thank you all for your generosity this year.

Solstice December 21, 2020 – Ⓒ 1995-2020
We appreciate your Heart Donations … especially during these times.

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