Let us speak of Reality.

We wish to dis-illusion you.

What you see is not real.

No, don’t turn away from this topic, Dear One. Let us discern/look at it in Truth and with detachment/without bias.

Science has disclosed all the factors we describe here, but many Humans have not let the message reach their Hearts. They have not wanted to wake up. They have wanted to remain in the dream of 3D illusion.

Take what you have learned, how the eyes and brain work together, to understand the Truth of Reality. Simply put, frequency patterns are transmitted by the eyes to the brain. The brain then displays these frequency patterns as colorful moving pictures. (I automatically thought, “That’s how a TV converts energy waves into pictures. I have my own private TV inside my head!) Laughter. Yes, you do! But in this case the brain also creates 3D virtual reality forms interacting with Time and Space. A little more involved than a television, is it not?

At this point, don’t try to rationalize this concept. Instead, let yourself FEEL this experience. MOVE THROUGH the desire to not think about it and just OBSERVE THE FEELING.

What we are doing here is walking you through the veil of forgetfulness. You will not regret this experience, Beloved, for it takes you to the gateway of eternity.







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