Marshmallow Message
From Kryon Book 14: The New Human
Spontaneous Remission


When a Human Being has spontaneous remission, or what some have called spontaneous healing, what exactly occurs?  You can’t sit there and deny this happens, for it’s very real.  Do you believe it?  You have to, for current science has seen it.  It has been reported and documented.  So the big question becomes: How did it work?  This has always been the mystery of the ages.


There are those who believe that the consciousness of the individual who is sick, somehow brings it about.  That’s correct – totally correct.  Remember that.  That is why they call it spontaneous.  It wasn’t expected, and there was no indication it was coming.  This would mean that through consciousness alone, and perhaps without even knowing it, there was an activation of the template.  It healed so fast and in such an amazing way, that it was beyond that which was recognizable as possible in current medical belief or understanding.


It’s almost like the body cleaned itself of the disease.  It took it out, and even removed the markers that showed the disease had ever been there!  It means that cellular rejuvenation was accelerated greatly for a few days, or a few weeks, to clean out that which did not belong there, and it saved the life of the individual.


Spontaneous, automatic remission of a disease is real, and comes from a place in the biology that is in every single person.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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