If you haven’t previously checked-out Julie’s Blog, this is a great example of what she has to share! I especially want to bring to your attention the clarity of her interpretation of the information coming in at this time. 💞

Love's Beginning

The answer is within.  You can be told that at times, and it feels frustrating. If the answer is within, why don’t I know it? More accurately, you are the answer. The answer to why you feel frustrated is that you are blocking yourself. The good news is that you are the one doing it, which makes you very powerful. You are not a victim of anyone or anything outside of yourself, because there is nothing outside of your Self.

We know that it appears very believable in the story that you are an entity subject to many separate aspects seemingly outside of you, more powerful than you, but we will tell you directly–this is a lie. You have been spinning this lie of weakness and separation out through time, and we call you to tell the truth now. You are unified, and you are power itself. No separate aspect…

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