What if you are only here to FEEL what it’s like…

What if you knew all you see is part of you…

What if you knew illness is discord/disharmony…

What if you could adjust your frequency at will, bringing any discord into harmony…

What if you KNEW that you may quickly and easily adjust your frequency and

how to do it?






3 thoughts on “What If…

  1. Going through this massive event in my life at this time was the fuel to elevate me into that knowing…
    The adjusting of frequency through thought and the entire landscape changes.
    This is so deeply present, the form of me is changong..adjusting to these higher frequencies..fueled through ever present awareness of EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT…
    The vessel tenses when wanderi g from presence…
    This triggers my remembering of this …How!!!
    Love this post!! Thank you, have a lovely day creating…Namaste’

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    1. Wonderful work! Thank you so much for sharing your process with us, Deb. It isn’t easy sometimes to bring ourselves back to Center, but every time we do we broaden the Path, making it more accessible for others. My HEART is with you, wishing you well. May you have a Beautiful day! Sweet Blessings and very much Love. 💞

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