I really resonate with Julie’s work. I hope you do as well. 💞

Love's Beginning

When you enter the energy of comparison, you are looking behind you. When you are looking behind you into the past, it is because you are not trusting the resources this moment brings you in the form of stability and safety.

The very fact that we’re able to say these words to you, and you’re able to hear and absorb them means that you’re ready to release.

And yes, we hear you. There is only one true release into Oneness, but all of these moment of mini-release as you approach that. That. Just stop right there. Can you feel into the energy of that? That divinely appointed moment, perfectly scheduled, when you will release all the layers of limitation that block the moment-to-moment experience of Oneness?

You can, can’t you? So just sit right there for a moment. That point in time is only now, too. It’s just another point…

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