Wonders never cease….truly! Look all around you. There are miracles everywhere! Life itself is a miracle of Being. This playground you call Earth is a miracle of Expression. Your relationships with each other are miracles of Love. We could go on and on, but it all describes a central point.

Return to your sense of wonder and appreciation. Go to bed with a prayer of gratitude for the day well spent and awake with a smile on your lips in anticipation of the wonder-full day ahead of you.

Expect and look for Miracles in your daily life. Know/Believe you deserve them. Give thanks and FEEL APPRECIATION for each and every thing, whether it appears to you to be good or bad, for as often as not what may appear to be bad may be a blessing in disguise.

You are not only loved, but adored by the Heavenly Hierarchy. You are the breath of Spring, the Newness of Life, the Light of Love.

Observe yourself and see what we see, Beloved Ones. And live from this point forward in humble appreciation for all you are, all you have to give, all you can feel, see and enjoy.

Realize you are Divinity in expression and KNOW YOURSELF as the ultimate Miracle! Relax into that KNOWING and let yourself BE all that you are…







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