Glenda and I were very hesitant about coming forth with this information, especially in a classroom setting. Neither of us had ever even led a Group, much less taught a class! I suppose I was more reticent than Glenda, being an introvert, but she enjoyed social exchanges and found it much easier to share her information than I did. I often said I was a reluctant prophet, which was definitely true! However, when working with The Grandmothers, there was no hesitation in my HEART at all. It just “felt right”!

There were several messages they gave us to help us deal with the insecurities, as well as providing validation from a variety of sources along the way. Two of my favorites: “Don’t think about it, just do it.” (meant especially for me, the reluctant prophet!) and “Consider this Class as a Food for Thought Buffet, or Smorgasbord. Just take what you want and leave the rest.”

They readily responded to questions from people concerning the information. Such as:

“How do you (Glenda and I) know these things?”

Glenda explained to the lady, about the Akashic records, etc. in very clear scientific detail. But I don’t have her gifts. I can only say that what I transcribe for Them is immediately felt as Truth in my HEART and there is not the slightest inkling of doubt about it! I don’t remember what Glenda said now, but I do have my notes of The Grandmothers’ response:

  • Because we were taken down the YELLOW BRICK ROAD in retrospect
  • LEMURIA-5D-ANDROGYNOUS BEINGS. GARDEN OF EDEN – toward end they were split into masculine and feminine. This began the downward spiral.

That was really a great question because The Grandmothers shared enough material concerning these topics for several classes. Their response also set a precedent for the next few months. They were going to make it FUN! These first classes were verbal, given without a script or notes, but I can share the information from the flyers with you.

In October of 2010, the theme was “Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking Glasses – We are here to disillusion you”. Here we discussed the refraction of light and mirror images being reflected as reverse images, illustrating how this relates to 3D/4D/5D. “…the three planes – we came Down the Rabbit Hole into the Third Dimension! Wonderland? I think not!”

November, 2010: “To Grandmother’s House We Go – How to leave problems behind and create new realities.” Grandmother’s house is the New Earth welcoming us Home with our new creations, as any Grandmother would. Our journey “Over the river and through the woods…” to go to Grandmother’s house relates to the process of learning about our innate creative abilities and the tremendous power of love, appreciation and Thanksgiving.

December, 2010: “Shades of Atlantis – the connection of Atlantis to The Wizard of Oz” In this class we will come full circle on our 10,000 year journey down the “Yellow Brick Road”.

January, 2011: Pinocchio – His fondest wish was to become a “real boy.” – How to become a living Soul by bringing the I AM Presence into the Sacred Heart.

February, 2011: “From Cinderella to Snow White – Moving from Slavery into Royalty and the transformation of ego into the Beauty and Joy of the Divine Hu-Man.” The POWER of CHOICE – How to change the drudgery of work into a Joyful experience.

March, 2011: The Three Little Pigs – REBUILDING ourselves. Keeping the wolf from your door. Build out of brick to start with. The POWER of INVULNERABILITY.

April, 2011: E.T. – “Phone Home”, How to RECONNECT the POWER OF INTENTION with the SOUL.

This completes my Assignment to provide the background information concerning this material. Monday, we will resume with the daily messages.

From my HEART to your HEART in Love.


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