For those who feel the call to be a part of the Crystal Grid Activation, you will find that the Great Activation not only awakens the dormant crystals in the many locations around the world but also those within each body throughout humanity. The activated energy within this group becomes a representation of the energy and sacred geometric patterns held in balance not just in the Astral and Spiritual planes but right here in this world.

In so doing, we see the echo arise within many parallel spectrums of existence, from sub-atomic, to cellular, to individual, to humanity and thus to the group mind of all those who wish to awaken. This carries so much creative energy into the New World, a place of AWESOME potential awaiting the seed-thoughts of Unique Creations that only the Co-Creators in this current dimension can bring into existence. We truly are awakening to our full abilities as Spiritual humans.

The past belief-systems can no longer bind us. Our power was taken from us when false information spread throughout humanity that the body was a distraction and in order to become spiritually oriented, we were to disregard the body as much as possible, that we would shed our biological shell upon ascension. But now we have come to realize the true potential of this amazing vehicle.

As we have remained stagnant in our conscious awareness, the body has continued to adapt and evolve along with the rest of Mother Earth’s energy field. It has reached a point of collective consciousness within the body, for lack of a better term, and is ready to ascend in its own right. This body contains within it the Water of Earth and the liquid crystals within the water found in our bodies act as doorways or portals into the sub-atomic particle field that unites all matter, the Unified Field of Divine Consciousness, God, or any name in which you feel drawn to use. It is the feeling you have that gives the true comfort to the name, not becoming lost in thought. All is in Divine Order for each individual’s expression.

As Spiritual and Elemental forces unite within the JOY and LOVE that only humans in their Bodies can provide, amazing and wonderful things come into form that have never before existed in many parallel universes. Through this unique opportunity, the echo of co-creation flows out into the cosmos igniting the sparks of life and unique forms in many worlds. We truly are on the creative edge of existence and as co-creators we are ways the Prime Creator can know itself.

As balance is anchored into our conscious awareness, we feel the connection grow exponentially, in ourselves as well as those for whom we are proxy. Your intent of thought united with love and imagination create new forms of existence that only YOU provide. Love your body; nurture it as you honor life. New and exciting things await us all and this can only come into being with the unique expressions you each have become. Your existence and dedication is greatly appreciated by so many on many levels.

“Joy of Life”!! The key that unlocks Creation on Earth. 🙂










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