Looking at the first half of this annual journey, we see that the focus has been on release and recovery.

Basically, what we have been doing is like a life review, wherein we take everything out, lay it on the table, look at the various parts and sort out what to keep and what is no longer needed. It is more of an evaluation than a process of judgement.

At this point, we find most of the things we felt we couldn’t live without are no longer important. Our viewpoint may be changed in part, or totally different.

No matter, we feel a need to consolidate, to reconstruct ourselves, our lives, our world into a more natural, simpler form or lifestyle.

We feel a desire to live in freedom and joy and that is a good way to BE, is it not?



5 thoughts on “Summary

  1. Beautiful! All your pieces are, but this one especially beautiful. It really touched my heart. It brought me to tears. It helped me so much. Thank you for sharing this. You always post what I truly need when I truly need it. Thank you my friend.

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      1. I really did. I’ve decided that I need to stand up for myself and take charge. I’ve reached out to my room mates from the farm for their help. I’ve got big plans and a lot of preparations to make. This piece really helped me to know that I’m making the right choice. Thank you Betty I appreciate that. I wish you a wonderful day as well. I love you too!!

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