My Dears, you have always had the means to escape your prison, to heal yourself, to become whole. The HOW’s and WHY’s of it are part of the process!

We could give you a million explanations, answer a million questions and it still would not help you to see or hear. We could have put the key in your hand and it still would not open the door of your cell. We could pick you up and set you outside your prison altogether and it would still not set you free, for you would then strive to find your way back into it.

ONLY YOU CAN CHOOSE FOR YOUR SELF. And that is the only way to ever find Freedom. It is simply a choice, you see? And that Freedom, once the choice is made, will be YOURS regardless of any outside limitations, regardless of whether you are physically imprisoned or restricted in any way.

Freedom, like Happiness, is a matter of both the HEART and the mind. For it is a FEELING state – an EMOTION, while at the same time, a way of thinking.

Choose Freedom, my Dears, choose Freedom!

Breathe in the Magenta Pink vibration of Love.

Think Golden sweet and Joyful thoughts.

Enfold yourself within a sphere of the Sapphire Blue frequency of Peace.


3 thoughts on “The Key to Freedom

  1. AHA!!! I finally found out how to leave a comment without logging into WordPress, which has been my problem.

    This is really wonderful and relevant – freedom is a recurring theme this week. You are really putting out some great stuff this week! Love you!!


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