Immerse yourself in that bright Golden feeling of Joy.


Surround yourself with the Radiant Pink Light of Love.

Let these colorful energies swirl around you and then breathe them into your Being.

Allow them to permeate your entire energy field, visualize it becoming infused with sparkling Pink and Gold Light.

Sitting within this warm cocoon of Love and Joy, enfold it all in a bubble composed of the Blue Light of Peace and Harmony. Recognize that the Thought of Peace brings stillness and quiets the mind.

Remembering the Breath of Ascension the Grandmothers taught us, we can now add the color vibrations to empower us further.

Breathe in the Pink Light of Love.

Think of the Blue Light of Peace

Feel the Gold Light of Joy.



3 thoughts on “Visualization

  1. Beautiful I love this especially the part about the grandmothers. My mom’s mother was a wonderful woman and she taught me a lot. I miss her so much. Thanks for sharing this beautiful truth with me and with all of us. Love you!

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