You cannot add more water to a full container without it overflowing.

Be at Peace. All is well.

Enjoy this quiet time.

Nothing is more important than self-evaluation, for this requires SOUL SEARCHING and that effort to seek out one’s true purpose for BEING.

At such a time, there is that need, that quest to relocate one’s CENTER/CENTRAL THEME that brought them forth into this plane and Being.

Once this (CENTER) is located, the old/no longer needed/false patterns can be dropped/set aside/released and the original intent of purpose taken back up again.

It is not so much a new direction, but more of a re-direction, like getting back on track.

At that point there is a big CHEER (“Yay!”) from the HEAVENS as your Higher Self, Guides, Guardians, Angels, Space Brothers – all those watching the “GAME” acknowledge your accomplishment, your achievement, your GOAL!

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