Recognizing that ideal of the highest pattern of behavior is the first step. Then one may strive to reach that goal, but not before one has that pattern in mind.

The Magic of Life is expressed in the Living.

Grasp hold of the Truth behind the words, the facts behind the mystery. Therein lies the nut in the nutshell, the meat of the matter, the food for thought.

This “time” is “for-giving” old patterns – release and transformation of the DNA into its 12 strand/Fifth Dimensional aspect. Listen to your HEART. Sing out the Joy of service and restoration. ALL IS ONE! I AM THAT! I AM.

Receive the influx of the Divine Feminine as the vibratory frequency of love.

According to the vibratory level, one is given the scenario of that level. The outer is a reflection of the inner.

Capture the present moment by being fully in it. Pay attention that you are always fully here and now.

Give yourself the gift of Grace. Be patient and loving with yourself.

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