“The qualities of Love and Appreciation are the foremost energies expressed by Divinity.”    Messages From the Grandmothers – 6/10/11

We are going to find, as we move up the spiral, that what worked for us before (in 3D) will not work anymore. The reason is we are moving in the opposite direction (e.g. “Mirror images are reversed.”) We are on the opposite side of the coin, so to speak.

When we find ourselves at that point (Line of Demarcation), THAT IS WHEN YOU RELEASE THE (EGO) NEED TO BE IN CONTROL.

There is nothing to worry about when we do so, because Higher Self (I AM Presence) has actually been in charge all along. In actuality, we (our Ego nature or little selves) only “Thought” we were in charge. Like any other adult would, our Higher Selves stood aside to let us play “Let’s Pretend” and enjoy ourselves. But, at the same time, our Higher Selves (imagine the Mother/Father figure, if you will) was constantly there watching over us. And, when we got too rambunctious, would step in to make the necessary adjustments.

Remember our example – “Mirror images are reversed.”

Don’t get discouraged when what worked for you in 3D will not work in 5D. This is the time for rejoicing, for it means you’ve passed through the Zero Point, crossed the Line of Demarcation, into the 5D Plane of the New Earth.

What does work in 5D??


When we realize we have crossed over and desire to know, we will naturally become aware of the Creative Power that is ours, that has always been ours, and how to use it. That power is the force of Love and Appreciation, which composes the Fifth Dimensional Plane of Consciousness.

This is where the Power of Attraction is actualized. When you think of something, it will instantly appear in your presence. When you think of someone, you will instantaneously draw them to you. When you think of a place, you will BE there in a flash!

Until that point of entry, do not be discouraged with your progress. For the delay in your Ascension may simply be an act of Grace by your own Higher Being.

Like a lead weight placed on the line of a Fisherman to hold it under water, we must weigh ourselves down by lowering our vibrations to the frequency of those still stuck in the mire of the plane of duality – if we are to rescue them. Through the Power of Grace created by our own loving sacrifice, those we love, or the situation we are focused on, will begin to resonate with us and increase in frequency. It is in this way that the Divine Plan is realized and we have fulfilled our mission in the Earth to LOVE ALL LIFE FREE. Messages from the Grandmothers – 6/19/11

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