Recognize the Dreams as Reality and what you call reality as the dream (or nightmare, as the case may be). The more you are able to see through the Illusion the better. For WHAT you focus on grows and expands. WHAT you deny your attention shrinks and dissipates. To ignore illusion and tend to the TRUE reality of Being shifts the energy into LIGHT, raising your vibrations. This is what Ascension is all about.

Go within and change the pattern of anything. It all lies within yourself, you see.

The solution to any problem is to release the problem. It cannot be a problem if you change its name to joy.

Regardless of the consequences, do what you feel in your HEART is right. No worries!

Wishing it is so makes it so. Doubting it is so makes it not so. Let it be as you wish.

This time is in between the lines of demarcation – a void so to speak. Relax and enjoy the process. Later, you will see what it is all about. Remedial action. Let it all be as it will be. Just observe the process.

When the time is right there is a swift change for the better. You will know the satisfaction of LOVE working out on all levels. Seeing is believing, that is true. But it’s faith that works the miracles. You see?

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