In releasing your attachment to people, places and things, you regain the original state of Freedom from Bondage.

Playing with the Word Genies…

Lexigrams: Using only the letters held within a word, make new words to form a sentence. The sentence will hold a special message for you. (If there is more than 4 vowels, the word does not want to be Lexigrammed.)





In reviewing Guidelines’ files, I found this message regarding “Allowance”…


“Here we are! Let us begin.

The subject of allowance is now most prevalent*. Allowance is everything! When you allow any other to have the RIGHT and PRIVILEGE of choosing, of doing, of being that which they desire, you automatically earn that right and privilege for your self. In this way GIVING IS RECEIVING. N’est-ce pas**?

Yes! It is a lot easier to accomplish what you want now. Be aware of the sense of accomplishment and release.

With every attempt, you find yourself progressing more swiftly.

Allow it all to be as it is without judgement and accept the change as it comes about without judgement, simply being in the Present in LOVE with it all.”

*According to Merriam-Webster, the archaic meaning of prevalent is POWERFUL
**N’est-ce pas? French for “Isn’t it so?”

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