We are each individual facets of the ALL vibrating at our own unique frequency.

As we come together, we may either create harmonious or chaotic vibrations – resonating together in harmony or in dissonance/disharmony.

These creative or chaotic frequencies may create/form matter, circumstances/situations, relationship, patterns according to (like) their tone or pulse.

The dynamic of this process gives that stage setting (or background) as well as the props (or scenario/material forms) in which to interact or perform – this includes other characters with which we may interact in such a way as to see those traits, seen as reflections of ourselves, that we are striving to perfect.

No MATTER how it may appear to the characters involved, it is ALL ALWAYS(!) encompassed in DIVINE LOVE and achieved – ACHIEVED (!) – within that framework of DIVINE ORDER – the overall design of EVOLUTIONARY GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.



If we perceive any discord, that in itself indicates our own need to balance or readjust our own individual vibrational frequency and not anything OUTSIDE of our own (globe of) BEING.

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