Hello, my Dears!

Below is a copy of the message and link given to me by The Grandmothers to share with our Group when my daughter, Glenda, made her transition a year ago today.*

The strong Spiritual connection was so evident at the time.

I had been wondering over and over again, “Why did she have to leave before me?” In response, I received a Message from The Grandmothers early that morning.

Later, I started to send out an email to the members of our Group to notify them of Glenda’s passing and found the link to a video in a newsletter from Karma Tube. It had arrived in my email inbox at about the same time as I had received the Spiritual message from The Grandmothers.

What a coincidence! It was the perfect visual example to accompany the spiritual message. I felt such a sense of Spiritual support and Peace enfold me, as it all came together in my mind and HEART. And I knew it was information that was meant to be shared.

As I relate this to you now, I experience once again that same awe and wonder! I AM once again convinced of the Spiritual connection that is available to each of us whenever we choose to ask and open our HEART to receive.

May this experience hold the same sweet Blessing for you today.

From my HEART to your HEART in Love,


* For further explanation of how this Blog began, see “About” section.

 Tuesday, March 15, 2016

“In Truth, there is no time, nor space. No one ever ‘leaves’ any other behind. We all arrive at the same station, at the same ‘time’ (together).”  The Grandmothers



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