Be assured that all is in good order and all is well. You are growing in awareness everyday and the veil grows thinner. So be confident that as soon as you are clear of bondage to the past the work with higher Beings begins in earnest.

Live and let Live. Dance and Sing in Joy. Be open and receptive to the incoming tide of Love in essence – the sparkling effervescent energy that floods you, filling every fiber of your Being – body and Soul – so completely that you are lifted up and carried to that Higher Plane wherein all there is is beautiful and good and harmonious.

And at that point, you become aware that YOU ARE THAT VERY ESSENCE YOURSELF.

As the dawning of this awareness seeps into your consciousness you feel a most surprising recognition of having awakened from a dream that is quickly fading from your consciousness.

The understanding becomes crystal clear that what you thought was an entire lifetime has been but a brief reverie. What you felt was painful and fearsome was only a dream which is fading quickly.

Oh, Joy!

Joy! Joy! Joy!

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