The messages are from various channels, but all from the same source.

Think of a body of water with streams entering (to fill) and exiting (to release the overflow). It is all the same, water, but comes from and goes out in different directions through different channels. None is any better than any other. As it flows in a specific direction, each channel serves a particular purpose-fulfills a certain destiny-reaches a particular destination.

You would not hear what you hear, read what you read, gather the information/knowledge/wisdom you receive if you were not aligned with the channels you are. It is no mystery, no accident that you receive/come across/are given these particular messages.

You are aligned with the Source, you are attuned with the Channels, you are positioned along the route in which they flow.

Question not your Gifts. Simply accept, receive and disburse. This is your purpose for Being. Enjoy the Flow.

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