2 thoughts on “Allowances

    1. That’s an excellent question, Roxy. Thank you!

      We each have the responsibility to maintain harmony and balance in our own world, just as we each must choose for ourselves what path to follow. If we are to do the job right, it requires all of our attention. What someone else is doing is their responsibility. If we pay attention to what they are doing, at that moment, we are neglecting our own work.

      For example, when we take our final exams at school, each is graded upon his own merit and not the work of someone else in the class room.

      As for helping others, there is no higher good that we can do than to send Light – Love, Peace, Joy – to bless another in our HEART – to see them in our mind as already perfect in every way. In that way, we do not interfere with their path, their evolutionary journey, their Spiritual education – yet we are supporting them at the etheric level to be all that they can be.

      I hope you find this helpful.

      From my HEART to your HEART
      In love,

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