I began unravelling this message by using the instructions in the last line.

“Define each line and begin anew.”

I have found in the past that “They” sometimes use archaic words (words no longer in common use), or sometimes a word will have a different meaning in proper (British) English than it has in North America (the USA or Canada). When in doubt, I go to several online dictionaries to define a single word. I study them all and in the process my brain begins to comprehend what I feel is the correct interpretation in each case. Below is the conclusion drawn from the various definitions for each word of the message that was unclear to me.

First Line: Abstraction includes par-seconds.

abstraction: the act of obtaining or removing something from a source. My personal conclusion – the core or central theme (pertains to time).

par-seconds: par-sec = a unit of measurement for interstellar space… My personal interpretation – time (used to measure distance in space) as it pertains to movement through Space.

(I side-step further personal interpretation here in order not to distract you from drawing your own conclusions.)


Second Line: Time alludes to infrastructure.

alludes: suggests or hints at

infrastructure: underlying foundation or basic framework


Third Line: Conclusions allow for spacial interludes. 

conclusions: final decisions

spacial: of or relating to space

interludes: a period of time between events


Fourth Line: Delusions are cleared as time/space fades.

delusions: a belief that is not true

time/space: In the space-time of General Relativity, events are defined in terms of four dimensions, three of space and one of time, with one coordinate for each dimension, we continually “move” along the time dimension.


As I study these definitions, they seem to coalesce in my mind. I feel the Truth in my HEART, I understand and know in my HEART what they mean! I AM at Peace with that.

And that definitely Renews my Spirit!








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