Because today’s message is more cryptic than usual, I depart from my original plan to strictly adhere to the channeled words without including my own personal interpretation. I found for myself that it required more thought and consideration to reach that point where I felt in my HEART I clearly understood the meaning and purpose it holds. Therefore, in case you may also find it helpful, I want to share with you my method of processing the information in such a way that it enables my 3D brain to comprehend the 5D material.

The message will be published in two parts. The first part will simply be the message as first received. The second part will be entitled “Work Sheet” and will contain my method of translating the words into a form my brain can understand. That way you may choose whether the extra reading is worth the effort to you, or if the study and evaluation of the material is something you want to pursue.

“THEY” (our UPLINE) first began our Group Sessions back in 2010*, with the instruction that the information They provided was intended to assist us to awaken and to help us learn to “think for ourselves”. Always They specifically requested that we find our own Truth and not just accept another’s viewpoint. They said to evaluate any Spiritual information presented to us and find what feels right and True in our own HEART (by thinking for ourselves), even going so far as to question what They set forth. Over time, I began to understand what They were getting at – that TRUTH is an individual thing, unique to the individual’s own understanding of it. In other words, my TRUTH may not be your TRUTH and visa-versa. Also, that we can outgrow our own level of TRUTH as we evolve Spiritually – or at least expand upon it!

With this in mind, please observe that I include my own notes as an example of how I personally work with this material and not as an example for you to follow. You may understand the message right away, without aforethought, be lead on a different path altogether, or maybe even decide it is too convoluted and of no interest at all.  As St. Germaine would say, No worries! It is ALL GOOD/GOD, n’est-ce pas? Just follow your HEART, my Dear, just follow your HEART and you can never go wrong.

PICTURE: Cutting a path through the jungle with the intention of locating an ancient temple believed to be filled with vast treasure. I have an ancient map to the temple, but I must cut my own path to locate it for myself.

It would not be YOUR path – a NEW path – if it was one someone ahead of you had already cut. But it would still be YOUR path if your route was based on a map that someone made who had been there before you. If YOU cut your own path through the jungle, it is YOUR path, no matter how many others have reached the intended destination before you. N’est-ce pas? Your method of getting there is unique to you.

From my HEART to your HEART in Love,


* If you would like further explanation of the beginning of this Work, please see “About” or “Home” section.



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