2 thoughts on “Stay in the Present

  1. Live in the now is part of the 12 step recovery program too. I have found that difficult, to be one dimensional like that. Perhaps part of my personality, perhaps since I was a history teacher, I see past, present and future as one. To improve my conscious contact with my higher power, at the beginning of this year I gave myself the task of handwriting the entire New Testament. I finished last week. Much of the task was grueling, took perseverance. Other times I cried and trembled. Other times I felt hope, serenity and confidence that goodness will prevail. Best wishes for 2017.


    1. I wasn’t aware of the “Living in the Now” connection with the 12 step recovery program. Interesting. It is appropriate in a way, since I spent 60 years or so recovering from Victim Consciousness. Wow! A History teacher! I’ve always loved History. That interest was probably one of the reasons behind my fascination with the various religions – how people lived in those days and what they believed. I can just imagine how difficult it must have been to hand write the New Testament. Congratulations on having completed the task! Once, when I was in my teens, I committed myself to reading the entire Bible in a year and thought that was difficult! Thought I’d never get through the be-gets and be-gots in the Old Testament! But it was so satisfying when I reached the last page of the New Testament to realize that I had accomplished the task I had set for myself. And in the process, hopefully, maybe some of the good stuff took root. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Carl, and also for the Good Wishes. God Bless You. Have a good day!


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