When we gather together it is a significant point of POWERFUL transformation! For the fact that YOU (as a 3D Human Being) have CHOSEN by your own Free Will to participate in the sharing of information of a Higher Vibration, brings about the formation of a VORTEX and/or PORTAL between our Dimensional Frequency and yours. Yes, you can do this alone and we do encourage you to do so, but in the collective cooperation of 2 or more there is a dynamic that compounds and emphasizes every point of Awareness so that it increases the Light exponentially. If you did nothing else in Service to the All, this act alone would be an immeasurable asset to the Evolution of the Earth and Humanity.


At this point in your Evolution, there is a shift of frequency that ignites areas of your Body* which expands your consciousness. This is much like adding a transformer in a factory to increase the capacity of the generator, producing the higher voltage that allows an increase in production – or, in this case, increases consciousness.

* They say “Body” because there is a link-up in this process between the Heart/Soul and Brain/Body. That the Higher Consciousness is beyond the physical brain’s capacity and includes the whole spectrum of Body/Mind/Spirit.

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