Symbols of victory appear as you unfold your future. Be aware of each amazing discovery. All is alive. Remember? Bless, Praise and give thanks for each part and particle.


Suppose you are already healed, balanced and joyously happy.

How would it feel?

How would it look to you?

How would you look to others?

2 thoughts on “I AM Grateful….

  1. I could not describe it as never knew it but if I can approach just a small degree of this aura I would be appreciative. However, I do have heartwarming days from time to time. My greatest hope is that my children and grandchildren will go through life with some joy and comfort not merely surviving. That would give me serenity. I have given all I can as their father and grampa.

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    1. Carl, to me, the Joy you give others through your work – the sharing of your ability to see through the facades of social mores in such a way as to help us laugh at ourselves in the process – proves otherwise. I never cease to be pleasantly surprised with your cartoons and I thank you for this. But also, it is quite evident that the other things you share with us all give us a glimpse behind the scenes of a good and wonderful family man, that is proud of his heritage, children and grandchildren. (I just loved getting to see the picture of the newest edition!) When you shared the picture of yourself as a young boy in boxing gloves with your Dad, I remember thinking it would be interesting to hear your life “Story”. (Maybe that is something to think about?) And how wonderful it is that your Dad is still with you! I understand how grateful you are for that alone, as my Mother’s still with us at 95. I am so thankful every time I talk with her on the phone or get to see her in person. What a precious Gift that is! She still surprises me with new and wonderful tales of her youth. I see such a different world nowadays than I experienced as a child, or even that of my children. Maybe the young people nowadays wouldn’t even care to hear about our experiences growing up, but then again it may even be useful knowledge to them in the future. (That is one thing you can still give them, just in case.) Thank you so much for touching base and taking the time to leave a comment! From my HEART to your HEARTS, I wish you and your precious family a truly wonderful Holiday Season!

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