The Brain and Body are in a process of adjustment and so, not as active as you think you should be. Would you expect your automobile to take you places when it is in the process of being converted to run on Solar Energy? Your body is undergoing a similar process and so, you may not be able to function at full capacity while being transformed. Be at peace. You are proceeding satisfactorily. Accept that and let yourself rest in the knowing that you are being fully activated at the Spiritual level.


It is time to consolidate your position. To release the dross and clear up your space. Let GO and BE FREE now.


This time span is to be used simply for release and acceptance. Remember to allow yourself to see that all you are, all you have ever been and/or are to be, is loved, accepted and healed by Mother/Father God which sees you as perfect and loves you fully and unconditionally just as you are without any changes.

ALLOW yourself to fully FEEL that unconditional love wholeheartedly!!


This is a time of consolidation and return. As you uncover other facets of your Beingness and accept them without judgement – releasing self-judgement – a process of consolidation occurs wherein fragmentation of Spirit is healed. As all the facets reunite into the whole, one becomes more and more complete, returning to the united state of wholeness.




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