I come to you as one of you.
I sing to you as yourself.
I hold you as in an “other self’s” arms.
I love you through your own HEART.


Look at that sentence, Beloved.
Dwell on the truest meaning you can FEEL.
I ask you to SEE with your HEART, now.

If I AM YOU and I AM Mother/Father God, does the knowledge of your own divinity lessen your respect and appreciation of ME?


To use the eyes of the HEART, you must feel the connection with your own I AM presence innately.

The first part of your Ascension process was to learn to listen with your HEART.

The second part of your Ascension process is to learn to see with your HEART.

And yet you must first learn now to fully BE in the HEART to do either.

For that is the only way you can achieve any part of this progression.

If, at any point along the way, you find yourself having problems understanding or assimilating the knowledge, that is indicating a need to stop where you are and search out the loose thread in your tapestry. Which means, stop where you are and go back over the knowledge we have already shared with you. If you are sincere in this endeavor, it will be shown to you highlighted in a manner unique to your own resonance.

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