Hue-man – a human being infused with Rainbow Energy. The Grandmothers

Let us begin.

The focus is to be narrowed down to THE POINT.

Go back to that lesson and review THE POINT.

It holds the key to all creation. For that, my Dears, is what IT IS.

THE POINT of Consciousness that lies within your HEART is where you begin as a Hue-man Consciousness. It is the very gateway to the Higher Dimensions.

Go within your HEART and become That I Am.


Vision during Meditation: further explanation of last month’s messages about “The Point!” (see Messages From The Grandmothers – July/August 2012, 08/03/12).

The focus needs to be at the still point in the Heart Chakra – The Soul. The necessity is to go within and not outside ourselves, ENTERING THIS POINT OF LIGHT WHICH IS THE PORTAL TO OUR HIGHER SELVES/ SOUL/GOD.

This is the “EYE OF THE NEEDLE” Jesus spoke of and why he said The Kingdom of God lies within you.


New Testament: Matthew Chapter 19 verses 21-27; Luke Chapter 17 verses 20 & 21

The Gnosis and the Law, T. S. Papastavro – pages 65-66 and 86-87

Maitreya’s Mission, Volume Two, Benjamin Creme – pages. 257-258 and 351


Messages From The Grandmothers – July/August 2012

8/03/12 –

“…The Return.

To go HOME, you must return to your point of origin…”


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