Acceptance is not necessarily a permanent state, for what is an acceptable behavior to a two year old may not be so for an adult.

As we grow, as we evolve, everything – our ideas, ideals, behavior, needs, beliefs – changes/evolves along with us.

Our world is always in flux – in a state of change – constantly expanding, moving, evolving energy/consciousness.

Our world reflects back to us our own individual evolutionary development. “Oh, No! I don’t want to hear that!”, you may say. But, my Dears, do not be overwhelmed! It is not so big a thing – it is not so hard to change it all in a flash. You do it all the time. You just are not aware of it in your 3D consciousness. It is too high of a vibration, you see?

As you step out of the three dimensional box and into that unlimited space of the fifth dimension, you also move into that knowingness of the HEART. From there you may SEE and KNOW the unending vistas of ever-changing growth and development wherein the expansion of consciousness is the only constant. All else is temporary.

And so, it is not a “bad” thing to have accepted anything as TRUTH at an early stage of development that is later proven to be False. It is okay – it is All right. It is “acceptable”. (Laughter)

Consider these stages you have gone through as stair steps. Each step must FEEL solid and real for you to be comfortable enough to stand on it to reach the next. Isn’t that so?

Let yourself be at Peace with it all and “accept” that you are at the level you need to be each step of the way, progressing nicely on your own evolutionary journey.

When you are ready for the next level, it will happen automatically, never fear. All you must ever need do is follow your HEART – the flow of Joy – it will lead you safely HOME.




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