Consider water as liquid LIGHT.
It is that important in the Evolution of the body.

As LIGHT is the Energy of Life,
Water is the elixir of it.

Charge it with LOVE and let it heal what ails you.


Consider the birds. Do they not sing life’s praises from the moment they awake to the time they close their day? Be like the birds and praise your day with Joy and Gratitude.

Consider the flowers. Do they not share their Joy of existence through unfolding petals of vibrant color and radiating fragrance? Be like the flowers and continue to unfold and radiate your pleasure of existence to bless your world.

Nature is close to Source in her participation with the creative force. She questions not. She simply accepts and performs the role she is given as she is so assigned.


Align yourself with the incoming energetics and go with the flow. No worries!
You’ve done this many times before. Again we say. Don’t think about it, Just do it!

(Like surfing – Jump on the wave and ride it into shore.)

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