Social acceptance is not an immediate concern, for the shifting scenes dissolve almost as soon as they arise leaving everyone rather numb. It is disconcerting for awhile as the patterns change and realign, but do not be dismayed. All is in good order.


Multidimensional experiences are not easy for the human brain to grasp as you shift back and forth from 3D to 4D, or 3D to 5D. However, the more often these shifts occur, the easier it becomes to maintain your equilibrium. The human brain strives to make everything appear in a 3 dimensional format, for that is what it is designed to do. If it cannot, it is also designed to ignore what 3D logic cannot explain. That is why your Higher Dimensional Experiences occur when you are in an altered state (of consciousness) – most commonly when you are overtired, just falling asleep, during trance, or in meditation.

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