Leaving the past behind is no more difficult than your attachment to it.

If you are totally free from the emotional drama in the memory of past events, it will be a breeze to release them with no qualms whatsoever. And therefore you may move onward and upward swiftly, without the least backdraft.

However, if you still harbor any kind of emotional bondage to memories of past events, the drag on your progress will be according to the level, or depth of feelings of your emotion. And the drag will impede your progress accordingly. So, you see, the quicker you leave the past behind, the quicker you will evolve.

The same may be said of dwelling in the future. It will slow you down according to the amount of attention you spend focusing on future projects. It works the same way, as far as MASTERY – as far as developing your sense of power – goes. For the point of power is ALWAYS in the present moment.


Stay focused in the PRESENT, my Dears, and you will maintain a swift and steady progress.

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