As the new month begins, you see the swift progress you are making. Rejoice!

Be assured. All is well.

No-thing can be more important than your own evolutionary development. In that lies the salvation of your world. Focus on your own growth in understanding and all the rest will fall into place around you. For it is that focusing within yourself that removes the attention given to the imperfections behind you. In this way you are removing the energy that kept the no longer needed patterns/forms manifest and they disintegrate, crumble, cease to be.

IT is NOT what you DO that changes the world. It is your focus, your attention that creates and the removal of it that disintegrates.

Your ATTENTION, your FOCUS empowers or channels the energy that keeps a thing, a situation in manifest form.

The withdrawal of your attention disempowers – cuts off – the energy that keeps it manifest.

It is to be understood automatically that every intent be motivated by LOVE, by COMPASSION, by CARING. For that is the vibration that attracts the energy to you so that you may direct it through the focus of your intent.

And so, my Dears, everyone may hear these instructions and follow them perfectly, yet not all may be successful in their results.

For as we have taught you from the beginning of the RAINBOW EARTH program, it all begins in the SACRED HEART. Rest within this center as you work, for this is your point of POWER – the eternal PRESENT – the Gateway of Truth.

Both the Alpha and the Omega….

While at rest in this center you may create, organize, rearrange or dissolve worlds at will.

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