Let us speak of Truth. What do we mean by Truth?

Truth, in this context, is the POWER of Belief.

Belief as a POWER manifests and dissapates form in this plane. (3D/4D)

Consider it as a magnetic force that attracts or repels the particles which compose matter.

In a general sense, Truth/Belief is not confined to a set of principles, or a pattern of design. It is more like an opinion in this case, because there are no strictures. Yet, at the same time, it is like an emotion, a feeling wherein you have invested your entire Being – depending on the strength of your belief, of course.


And so, as we say your Truth may not be their Truth and their Truth may not be your Truth, BOTH are to be honored and respected as a creative force – a God given right – a free will choice.

Your Truth changes many times during your Evolutionary journey. What is True for you today may not have been true for you yesterday, nor will it be True for you tomorrow. However, for now you are entirely invested in these sets of beliefs which compose a pattern within which you live your life.

And so, my Dears, Believe what you may – it changes nothing in the scheme of things. But, like the draft of a play, it opens up many new avenues of possibilities – opportunities for expansion of ideas, for change, for growth, for development.

It is ALL right, you see? There are no wrongs in this Game of Life – only Change/Growth/Evolution.

And that, my Dears, is what ASCENSION is all about – the Great Adventure of Life’s Purpose

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