The New Earth – the FIFTH DIMENSIONAL SCENARIO – is one of complete freedom.

As you learn to navigate within it, there will be such Joy of discovery, such excitement found in the creativity!

You find yourself shedding the old sense of boundaries and limitation, having them replaced by a feeling of boundless expansion of your BEING.


Give yourself the credit for having come thus far. Although your courage has been noted, your advancement, though hard-won and entirely due to your own wisdom, strength and determination, was never in doubt.

As We have told you time and again, you have done this many times before.
You are not novices at this game. You are very well practiced and skilled at winning worlds for the Light.

The only part of this game that is new – not only to you, but to all of creation – is in the transmuting of the 3D physical vehicle into the Fifth Dimensional body – the Carbon into the Diamond.

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