First, he refers to the message from 09/08/14 (Imagine, if you will…) and then proceeds with “The Lesson”.


11/18/14 – St. Germaine

The “memories” you seem to have are not what you have been conditioned to “think”. Allow yourselves to BE at ONE and you may discover what is “TRUE”. But realize that the physical brain or lower mind will resist any viewpoint other than that of time/space (3D/4D) experience, for it is designed to operate within this scenario.

Once you are able to step outside these boundaries of limitation and into Higher Mind, you may comprehend the overall design and purpose of this Illusionary Plane of existence. From this viewpoint, it is easy to recognize the experience for what it is and release the emotional bondage to the negative experiences. At this point of release, Ascension occurs automatically and your vibrational frequency increases allowing you to rise up OUT of the material plane. Where upon you discover the true meaning of….


(Next, he refers to this news article and then concludes with the explanation.)


The VIOLET FLAME may be used as a tool to transmute the negative into the positive as readily as the ULTRA VIOLET RAY in healing disease – for THAT (the Ultra-Violet Ray) is what IT (the Violet Flame) IS!


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