This message is referred to by St. Germaine on 11/18/14 before giving his next Lesson (The Violet Flame may be used as a tool).


09/08/2014 – St. Germaine

Imagine, if you will, a scenario in which a room is divided into quadrants.

Within each quadrant is a guard or block.

The guard or block serves to keep things out of its space – to maintain its boundaries – to keep its quadrant separate, or free of the other block’s “stuff”.

This room serves a purpose, even if it is only to hold the quadrants.

The quadrants serve a purpose, even if it is only to divide the room into segments.

The guards serve a purpose, even if only to maintain the boundaries of the quadrant they are in.

But, none of these would exist or have a purpose at all if YOU had not first IMAGINED them.

YOU, through the POWER of your imagination, created this “world” in which the room, the blocks and the guards exist. YOU gave them form and purpose. Nothing within this scenario would have been at all, except for YOU.

Yet, if every Human on Earth imagined the same scenario, each would be different – unique – one of a kind. For everything is evolving and in constant flux or change and there cannot be anything identical to any other. Neither can any two people ever conceive or perceive – think or see – any one thing the same. They will each have a different idea of how the room shall be. They will each have a different vision of the quadrants. Also, the words “guards” or “blocks” may bring forth many ideas – a living thing, or a machine, for instance.

Now, as long as you hold the picture in your imagination, you are giving it life and purpose. YOU are creating and maintaining a “world” – albeit only within your mind as a “thoughtform”. But, as soon as you move on to imagine or think of something else, that world ceases to exist. Whether it fades out, dissolves, or is disassembled, it simply ceases to “Be” because YOU, its creator, are no longer paying attention to it.

In this way, you have created and disassembled a world just through the power of your imagination.

And so it is that the 3D world is formed and dismantled many times a second by the Human Consciousness.

What everyone agrees upon or focuses on, through the impetus of their emotion, becomes a part of everyone’s life. What is a private or personal desire, only of interest to the individual, comes about only within that individual’s world.

All worlds within worlds – rooms of quadrants and guards – are brought forth and disintegrated over and over again. No two ever having been identical, nor will they ever be so.

But, the most amazing thing of all is that the Creator of these worlds could never actually exist within them except as an idea through the power of imagination.

Does this sound familiar to you, my Dears?

So, you see, KNOWING how this game of creation is played, you are FREE to create any kind of “room” you like.

Let yourself go and have fun for awhile.

There are NO rules involved except those you create within your own design.

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