Shift into a new level…


This message surfaced as I was sorting old files. I felt it is meant to be shared at this time. 💞

The Grandmother Messages – 11/29/12

With each breath you are increasing your vibrations. In an ongoing eternal expansion process, all life is evolving exponentially. But at this point, there is a shift into a new level.

Think of it as a clock face and where the hands are moving second by second.

Picture a Grandfather Clock. Hands advance a second at a time for 60 seconds, until, at that point a minute is reached, then onward to the next Mark – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. A Threshold is reached. “DONG!” Then onward, second by second, minute by minute, until the hour is reached. 12 DONGS! MIDNIGHT! We have reached a new date – A DAY HAS PASSED. THEN A WEEK, THEN A MONTH AND ON UNTIL A YEAR HAS PASSED BUT ALWAYS WE ARE STILL OURSELVES, THOUGH WE HAVE CHANGED, WE HAVE AGED – BUT WE ARE STILL OURSELVES throughout it all.

Compare the Grandfather Clock to the Universal Clock



New Moon Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees of Capricorn, January 5/6 2019


Hello, my Dears,

I haven’t received a message to share with you concerning the energies of this New Moon, but was guided instead to three very different online versions. Should be something here you may find interesting and/or useful. I do hope so!

Have much going on at present, so will be offline for the next several weeks. Nothing serious, just reconnoitering, as The Grandmothers like to say. This will entail some major lifestyle adjustments, including a new computer!

In the meantime, sending the Sweetest of Blessings from my HEART to your HEART in Love, Betty 💞


#1 – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 5/6th January 2019


#2 – January 5th: New Moon Solar Eclipse Capricorn
#3 – Metatron’s guidance and reading for 2019 and the New Moon Solar Eclipse

Diversity dissolves obstruction…


Diversity can be the solution if one finds obstruction a challenge.

Abundance is a natural result of flow. Whatever you invest yourself in wholeheartedly returns a hundred fold.

Work ethics: the more time you invest in work, the more you accomplish. The more you accomplish, the more work will flow to you.

Consider work the return for time invested. Consider accomplishment abundance.

The flow leaves no avenue of life untouched.

What are your goals but areas of obstruction you wish to open to the flow?

Concentrated effort in one area may crystalize that area, blocking the flow if too much attention is focused in one place for too long.

Diversity Dissolves Obstruction






I had a hard time trying to understand this one until I found the origin of the word diversity in Oxford English Dictionary….

“Middle English: from Old French diversite, from Latin diversitas, from diversus ‘diverse’, past participle of divertere ‘turn aside’ (see divert).”

No turning back


You have taken the course, the path, for the highest cause. That commitment has set the wheels of change in motion along that path. Nothing can, or will, change the course of your destiny.

But, you must remain alert that you stay in the vehicle for the whole ride. Things will progressively move ever more swiftly.

Keep your center.

Keep your balance.

Stay with the flow

and let yourself be carried along.


it is all meant for good.



Regarding 2019


Dear Grandmothers, what do you wish to share with us concerning the incoming energies of 2019?


Yes! We are here. Welcome to our midst. We enfold you in the Love of our field of consciousness.

Consider this incoming tide as a cleansing, clearing force, washing away the heartaches, fears, and cares of the past. It is refreshing, renewing, restoring peace and harmony. It is healing old wounds, mending broken hearts. Clearing the way, Love rushes in to fill every human heart with Joy.

We wish to remind you, however, that it is the inalienable right of every soul whether to accept or decline any gift offered by Source. It is up to you what you receive and how much.

Open your HEART, Beloved and let yourself be cleansed of the residue of old patterns. As you do so, you will be refilled with the wisdom, comfort and Joy of the new. Accept your Highest Good now, Dear One, accept your Highest Good!

And so it is done.





It is all coming together now.

Let it.

What you can do, do it.

What you cannot do, let it go.

What is important, what is necessary,

will get done at the most perfect time.

No worries.

Things only become a problem when you think of them as a problem.

The Request of Your Soul: Your New Beginning, Channeled by Natalie Glasson


(Audio link: )

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, come forth with blessings and love to greet you. Welcome to your new beginning. We welcome you with open hearts and supreme embracing love as you create a shift within your being denoting a new beginning for you in your spiritual evolution. This shift and new beginning has been long awaited, did you know that a new beginning was taking place within your being now due to the devotion you have placed on your spiritual awakening? You may wonder what the new beginning denotes and will create for you, how it will manifest in your being and reality, as well as whether you will be aware of the presence of your new beginning.

In this period of ascension, we, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish for you to simply accept that a new beginning is taking place within your being and will manifest with divine perfection and timing for you to experience. You may experience your new beginning as a new awakening of clarity in your mind, a sense of peace washing over and through you, a new passion arising that impacts your physical actions. There is no right or wrong answer to the way you will experience your new beginning, it will manifest perfectly for you allowing you to feel awakened and fulfilled, as if you are moving forth with greater ease.

Your new beginning energetically is born from your entire being reaching a certain level of frequency and vibration, thus a signal was expressed and sent from your being to higher levels of your being and your guides. This alert is allowing the higher levels of your being and your guides to begin to transmit codes from the Universe of the Creator to you that your soul has requested. Your soul has put into place certain energies, wisdom and connections your soul wishes to experience and physically embody from the Universe of the Creator at certain points to really accelerate your ascension. Often this occurs at different times for each individual, however the energies of 2019 devoted to clarity have created a surge of light anchoring into the Earth and humanity, thus creating a surge of light frequency within many people upon the Earth. In the beginning of 2019 a large majority of humanity are experiencing a download of information, light and connections from the Universe of the Creator as requested by their souls. This synchronicity allows each individual to feel immensely supported and sustained in the light as everyone is experiencing the support of everyone else going through the process.

It is the wisdom, light, love and connection anchored into your being from the Universe of the Creator as requested by your soul which will create a sense of a new beginning within your being, reality and spiritual evolution.

The Importance of Receiving

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to place a great importance upon receiving energies and light from your soul, higher aspects, and guides. A practice, intention or focus upon receiving daily even if only for a few moments will allow you to be open to anchoring and embodying the energies flowing to you because of the request of your soul.

We wish to share with you our view of receiving in order to offer a greater insight into receiving that which has been requested by your soul. For us, the Unicorn Kingdom, receiving is a process of unfolding your energy, being, thoughts and chakras to the light. You are revealing yourself, your inner essence and core, even if you cannot comprehend that which exists within you. You open yourself up without fear in the certainty that you are fully supported by your truth, guides and the Universe of the Creator. As you initiate an expansion of all that you are so every part of your being begins to vibrate, ushering old energies and habits away, and preparing for a new surge of Creator consciousness. To receive is to open and unfold your being, the process of doing so allows you to be extremely responsive and able to collect all that is energetically available to you. Rather than drawing energy into your being instead be willing to energetically expand every part of your being, thus you will notice that you receive all you need and more without even trying to.

At this time when your soul has created requests for valuable energetic tools, wisdom and connections to support you in your physical and spiritual reality, a focus upon receiving each day becomes deeply important and a way of enhancing your relationship with your soul. You may also experience a deeper intimacy and connection with your guides as they are stepping forth closer to transmit all that is appropriate and needed into your being. This truly is an insightful and exciting period of ascension as your relationship with your soul and guides will blossom, allowing you to feel suspended and carried by their loving presence.

‘I open myself to receive fully all my soul has requested now to be anchored into my being. As I receive, I unfold and expand my entire being thus allowing me to vibrate to be responsive to all that is available for me to receive. I know that all the energies, connections, wisdom and light my soul has requested from the Universe of the Creator are downloading into my being now creating a beautiful new beginning within my physical and spiritual reality, promoting fulfilment, peace, healing and enlightenment. I now recognise and identify the presence of my soul and guides, their loving support and transmission to me, as well as developments in our relationship. I am receptive to recognising the presence and positive impact of the new beginning upon my entire being and reality, moving in harmony with the divine flow developing from within me. Thank you.’

You may simply wish to state our invocation each day to support your experience of your new beginning. Or you may wish to meditate practicing the art of receiving, and downloading the energies requested by your soul fully into your being.

The impact of your new beginning will be lasting, the synthesis of your new beginning with your being and reality will occur over a period of time most appropriate for the individual. The integration process may be quick or take a longer period, whatever the length of your integration process, all is appropriate and perfect for you.

You may wish to allow yourself to be open and receptive in your every day life, as new experiences and opportunities will be drawn to you because of the shift and awakening taking place within your being. Be open to new directions, pathways and ideas manifesting. Please know that we, the Unicorn Kingdom, are acting as a powerful source of support and a beacon of assistance for you. If ever you require any form of assistance please call upon us, the Unicorn Kingdom, our energies will envelop you and guide you forth.

‘Unicorn Kingdom, I call forth your loving assistance, guidance, embrace and healing. Please support me now in understanding the process I am moving through, the way in which you are supporting me and how I may assist myself. I thank you deeply for your loving support, attention and constant presence. Thank you.’
With bountiful Unicorn blessings,
The Unicorn Kingdom

Natalie Glasson
Sacred School of Omna



Every question is a paradox in itself.

Does the question arise because you already know the answer and wish to follow through on every possibility?

Or, does the question arise because you want to complicate your life?

What value does the question have at all except to entertain the brain?

What value does the answer have except to satisfy the ego?

What is is.

Things are as they are.

Accept what is and every question, every challenge resolves itself.

Earthrise: Karmatube Video of the Week December 27, 2018

Earthrise tells the story of the first image captured of the Earth from space in 1968. Told through the voices of the Apollo 8 astronauts themselves, the film recounts their experiences and memories and explores the beauty, awe, and grandeur of the Earth against the blackness of space. This iconic image had a powerful impact on the astronauts and the world, offering a perspective that transcended national, political, and religious boundaries. Fifty years later, Earthrise compels us to remember this shift and to reflect on the Earth as a shared home.