Listen to your HEART.

Go where she says to go.

Do what she says to do.

She will never guide you wrong.

She will never lead you astray.


Why is this, my Dear?


Because the HEART is the portal of the Soul.

It is where your Divine Spark resides.

It is your center of Wisdom, your link to Source.

Yes, Beloved, listen to your HEART.

Just listen and KNOW….



Mysteries of the Heart

“The heart starts beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has been formed…” HeartMath Institute

It is Time to Move On


Carry on, Dear One. Let yourself Be. Give all the heartache/torment/anguish up to the Light, your Angels, your Lord, your Savior – to whatever you call your Higher Self.

There is no need to even be concerned, now. For it is past the time of any reckoning, if there ever was a time for such. All that is left to do at this point is to simply let the residue, the fragments of the old, no longer needed patterns/habits/programs dissipate and return to Source to be recycled.

There also seems to be a residue of memories of emotional and physical trauma, old regrets and resentments. It is so hard to understand why they even occurred, how those loved ones could treat you so badly! Yet, Beloved, these must be released as well, for you to move forward – for you to be free to move on. It is not that your suffering meant so little as to be ignored, or forgotten. Instead, it is that the sensations of such experiences are just other old, obsolete programs which need to be deleted. They served you well, it is so, but now their purpose is no longer of value. “So, how”, you may ask, “did they serve me?” Simply to teach by example – to teach compassion, to teach Love, to teach forgiveness, to teach detachment….


The “Whys” are of the Ego, Beloved, and not of the Spirit, not of the Soul, not of the HEART. The gift of the Higher Self is Acceptance, is Peace, is Wisdom. Your Higher Self will speak to you through your HEART. It will tell you to release these Burdens now. They weigh you down. They hold you back. It is time to let it all go and soar free.


We wish to speak of transformation.

The continual, linear process you have been living in/by/through as a three dimensional life form is no longer advisable.

As with any process humanity has evolved through, there has been some resistance to change.

The old patterns are no longer working, because you have moved, through that journey of the solar system, into a new area of the Galaxy and via the increased vibrational frequency, into A NEW PARADIGM OF BEING.

We would suggest that you consider stepping into this New World wholeheartedly.

Really pay attention and make an effort to change your viewpoint.

Stepping out of the old patterns/programs/habits and into the NEW is advisable, but first must come that desire and the intention to change. For this is the cornerstone of transformation, Beloved.




Behold Your True Being


Oh, Dearest Ones, we wish you to acknowledge your own beautiful Light. As we see your radiance shining out across the Universe for all to witness, we reflect back to you the Joy of this experience. For it is in KNOWING who and what you are that you may set yourself free of the delusions of the past – THE PAST WHICH IS WITHIN ITSELF A DELUSION.


Self Recognition



How does that feel? How does it express in the world?


This means you are composed of intelligent energy. Is this something you have really thought about – AWARENESS AS AN ENERGY BEING?

Recognize yourself. Let yourself FEEL what it is to be Love and Light in expression.

Then you will truly KNOW the JOY of BEING.

Meditation: 11-11-11 Gateway Diamond Solar-Plasma Light DNA Upgrades


For those that are interested, here is the link to Anrita’s hour long Guided Meditation for 11:11:11.

The 11-11-11 Gateway ~ Actualization of the Diamond Flame of Purity and Innocence and the Diamond Solar-Plasma Light DNA Upgrades, By Anrita Melchizedek

11-11-11 Gateway Diamond Solar-Plasma Light DNA Upgrades


Be in the Flow


Release the doubt from your mind now and rise. In doing so, you find that these doubts have acted as a tether holding you back from your ascension.

Release and freedom are one and the same, although one must require action and the other acceptance.

Can you not make of this a precedence? To give with one hand and receive with the other is possible, is it not?

Be in the Flow, my Dears. Be in the Flow. Never holding back, but releasing. Never blocking, but accepting. Let the energy of Life, of Creation, of Love flow in and through you without resistance. Open your HEART and be an open channel for LOVE.

(This completes the two week review.)

Two sides of the same coin…


It is time to discuss Teaching. One often learns more in the process of teaching than does the student. Therefore, these two are interchangeable…

Teacher/ Student = Student/Teacher

There is no difference, except in subject matter, for the student may be learning a subject from the teacher, whereas the teacher is learning how to share knowledge through the student. Two sides of the same coin, is it not?

(In other words, They are saying the Masters consider us equal to themselves, except in knowledge, which They consider a privilege to share with us.)