Practice Makes Perfect


We wish you a very good day!

This Time/Space is one of transition/movement. As you feel the shifting energies, strive to discern the variations within each wave. Notice how each pulse of flux feels to you, how it affects you emotionally. Do you feel JOY, do you feel LOVE, do you feel PEACE, HARMONY, BALANCE? These are the natural states of Beingness. The energy, the places, the people, the work that instills in you these feelings are what you resonate with. That, my Dears, is your Heaven on Earth! That is your Home! Follow that wave of JOY, LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and you find yourself continually rising in vibration effortlessly.

(Picture) A man walking a tightrope. This requires perfect balance. That perfection in Balance, the movement that appears to be so effortless across a tiny rope suspended in Space, has been gained through much practice Рrepeated effort Рuntil, through trial and error, that perfect combination of balance and movement has become an automatic response.

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

Repeated practice and complete focus on each step (of action) creates a new Neural Pathway in the Brain. By the time this Pathway is formed, it has become a habit. A Habit is an automatic response to a set of circumstances…. or, a Program!

To create a program you want or need, you must place your total attention upon it and repeat the practice until it becomes automatic to perform.

To Delete a program that you no longer want or need, you must





Over time, it (the neural pathway) will be erased/replaced. (To think about what you are doing is USING that old program.)




The Grandmothers, 05/23/2012



Love is Always the Answer


Let yourself do and be all that you desire. Notice the progress as you move through the levels.

Be open and receptive to this progress.

All you need do is endeavor to stay centered in that space of Joy and Appreciation. Love is always the answer. Love is always Joyful – always appreciative. Be always in Love.

The Grandmothers, 02/11/2012

Stoking the Furnace


Let us go once again to the topic of BEINGNESS.

It is true that you are a spark of the ONE flame that is all of life. It is true that you are a drop in the ocean of Consciousness. It is true that you are an integral part of the infinite ALL THAT IS.

And here is where we want to extend the Teaching:

As an electron in an atom circulates around its nucleus, so do you. Each of us revolves around our center. Your center is the core of your Beingness. That core, that spark, that drop of Divinity is the Soul essence within your Sacred Heart known as your Three-fold Flame. Yes. some will say. “But I always heard (or thought) it was our I AM.” And that, too, is true from another perspective. But here today, in present terms where you are focused in the 3D material plane, this spark of Divinity that you know as YOU and which empowers the human body vehicle is of which we speak. This core of your Human beingness is the Three-fold Flame and it is that which must be fed and encouraged to greater and greater heights, so great a fire that it warms all your Brothers and Sisters to sit by it. So great a flame that it shines out as a Beacon to the whole Universe.


The Grandmothers, 02/06/2012




This is the time to begin a regimen of clearing and cleansing in preparation for incoming fluxes in frequencies later in the year. We will give support – provide encouragement.

Wishes become realities swiftly – increasing momentum as time goes on.

The Grandmothers, 02/11/2012

Your Essence


Never doubt your true essence of Light/Love. It is your highest and most beautiful Beingness – You are your own Guiding Star and everything else. Be assured, you ARE already saved. You ARE already ascended. It is only a matter of looking with the eyes of your HEART to see the Truth of your own divinity as a spark of the ONE – I AM! And your own place in the whole (of Being).

The Grandmothers, 02/06/2012

YOU will always be YOU


Reason remains whether you ascend or not. It is a part of the consciousness that you are. You will not change in any way, as far as consciousness goes, whether you are in the body or out of the body, whether you live or die, whether you rise to 5th Dimension or remain in 3rd. You will always be YOU throughout eternity. YOU will always be the same YOU that you are now.

The Grandmothers, 01/28/2012

Joy and the Sacred Heart


It is all about JOY and living from the Sacred Heart, the High Heart.

As children, we were Heart centered, the Thymus Gland was open and active. Over the years, growing into adulthood, the Thymus atrophied as physical focus shifted from heart to brain. This situation must change if your world is to change. Bring your focus back to the Thymus – the Sacred Heart will open and blossom once again. The brain is of a dual nature. To be focused in the brain creates a world of duality for you. In the Heart is Unified Consciousness. To focus your awareness here brings you back to the Unity of the One and you become whole once again.

The Grandmothers, 01/19/2012