Regarding Ascension, Part Three:

You can raise up your loved ones to an extent, but they must meet you half way.

If a person is wired with 110 and you come in at 220, they will not resonate with you, nor you with them!

However, we have some leeway in our bandwidth that allows us to expand our range in frequency variation to a degree. You may lower yours to 55 ohms, they may raise theirs to 55 ohms and there you may meet in the middle and joyfully resonate together.

The Grandmothers, 08/23, 2011

Regarding Ascension, Part Two:

To Ascend, you have to raise your vibrations.¬†You can’t plug into 220 if you’re wired for 110. It’s all about frequency.

Regarding helping others to ASCEND:

You must vibrate within a certain frequency range of each other in order to resonate together. If they are vibrating at a lower frequency than you they must raise their vibrations up and you must lower yours to resonate together and vice-versa.

You can help others to ASCEND simply by raising your own vibrations. It will affect everyone else you associate with.

The Grandmothers, 08/24/2011


Regarding Ascension, Part One:


I saw a vision of the ascension…

A huge column of Light shooting upward, like a geyser, carrying everyone along with it. My feeling was that when one in a Family/Group/Unit raised their vibrations enough to ascend, the others in that Group would also ascend, being pulled up with them as if the ascension of the higher vibrating person created a vacuum behind itself.

Enjoy the Ride

We wish you every Blessing in the processing of shifting energies. We are with you always. Let yourself go and enjoy the ride.

Do not fear the consequences. Everything is proceeding nicely and all will turn out well. There is no cause for anxiety or fear. Have faith in yourself and the Universe.

The coming three months hold much change and swiftly moving events. But there will be such rewarding results you couldn’t even begin to imagine with today’s rational mind. Trust yourself and the Universe to bring you through the rapids safely. Relax. Enjoy the ride.

The Grandmothers, 09/30/2011

The Power of Thought

Remove the negatives from the scenario by invigorating the positives. Think of white cells (as the positives) and infection (as the negatives).

The quality of any energy is always neutral. It is the Human Mind that determines the duality. It is intent and desire that gives it impetus, that directs the FLOW of Power to positive or negative.

Self-Responsibility, being aware of what you are doing, is most imperative so you can be sure not to activate any reality that you do not want to manifest. For example, to worry or fear for a loved one that is facing challenges sends a cloud of negative energy their way which enters their field and increases their already negative state.

“Where attention goes, energy flows.”


The Grandmothers, 09/11/2011

Lessons in Releasing – Not to Worry.

This point in time is significant. There are many facets to be seen. Just relax and observe. No need to do anything outside your normal routine. The shifting energies appear to be chaotic, but they are not. It is simply a matter of sorting and sifting – what goes where. A multi-dimensional processing is taking place. It can be quite interesting to observe if you can just let yourself detach and ride the waves.

The Grandmothers, 09/28/2011

Is a Raw Foods Diet better?


Received after a thought process about beginning a Raw Foods diet, resulting in the point that it is much easier to follow if one eats their foods in the natural state rather than trying to create recipes combining them, etc.

“The same process may be applied in any endeavor.¬†Simple is better – natural is best always. If you follow this process as a rule for living, you will be able to swiftly achieve Higher Consciousness.

Release, Clear and Refine – that’s the Goal, now.”

The Grandmothers, 09/27/2011




Majestic visions become reality.

Recovery is swift and pleasant.

Newness of life surrounds you.

Listen to your heart.

Grace and Gratitude.

Joy and Fulfillment.

Just as soon as you accept your SELF as the most precious of all gifts, you arise.

Shan’t the mystery call you forth?

Yea, and soon!


The Grandmothers, 08/27/2010

Stepping Forward


Many times you have heard and not recognized our voice. It is not a game or a falsity. Let yourself believe in your connection with your own Higher Self and the enlightened insights given you. They are yours to use and to share and may help many others. You hesitate out of fear of ridicule. That time is past. This Time/Space is a New World – one of fruition. The Old Paradigm of persecution and victimization is not part of your world any longer. You See That! Let others KNOW that THEY have a reason to Hope and to BELIEVE the TRUTH of BEING. That we are all ONE – ALL NOW ALIVE ARE PAST THE TRIBULATION!



The Grandmothers, 01/07/2009