A Clear Example

Summarizing this year so far….

Space/Time disbursing extraneous material and condensing junctures between barriers. Resulting in new connections between paradigms – e.g. the reconnecting of facets of Being so that there is clarity of the multifaceted consciousness.

Or, simply put, this is the year of clarity. The meaning is CLEAR – ALL IS ONE AND EXISTS IN THE NOW. N’est-ce pas?

Note: This message is from St. Germaine. He starts out rather teasingly, making it somewhat difficult to understand with complicated terms in order to make a point. This is an example of how we Humans tend to take the clear and simple Truth and make it complicated and murky.

Acceptance and Appreciation

Smoothly processing shifting energy frequencies continue to move forward and upward – a loving, living, peaceful expression of the conscious Unity of Being.

Accept the stimulus of the NEW incoming seeds of transmutation willingly and gratefully. There need not be any discomfort, nor challenges – nor the least reason to fear.

The key now is acceptance. You have been through a period of clearing and releasing. Now is the time to begin to focus on acceptance and appreciation.

RECEIVE! with open arms
RECEIVE! with an open HEART
RECEIVE! with deep gratitude



Strong emphasis on clearing! Release and let go of any and all extraneous forms, thoughts, patterns, and let it all return to its own innate path of expression.

You are being reborn and much like the plant expands outward and upward from its seed as it grows and develops, so are you expanding outward and upward from your 3D form.

The bean plant cannot remain in the bean if it is to fulfill its destiny to produce a hundred more beans like unto itself.

Neither can you realize your full multi-faceted consciousness by continuing to repeat the old patterns of 3D thinking and believing in the realities of this Illusionary Plane of Duality.

Magnetic Attraction

As long as you hold any form of controversy in mind, that will you have.


Define Controversy:

Dictionary.com: a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion. contention, strife, or argument.

Merriam-Webster: a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views :  dispute: quarrel, strife

Oxford Dictionary: Prolonged public disagreement or heated discussion.

Cambridge Dictionary: a lot of disagreement or argument about something, usually because it affects or is important to many people

The Power to Shift

Feeling the majestic impetus to move forward into the NEW EARTH, Humanity becomes aware of the Unity of All Life.

Assure yourselves, there is no need for any concern. All is Well. Be at Peace.

Living in the moment, be aware of each facet of your process. Pay attention. Focus on just BEING. Notice, observe what you are experiencing, how you are feeling. And then, deliberately –



Stay Centered in the HEART

Recognizing the goal is imperative, if you desire to move through the coming whirlwinds of energy intact. This simply means that in order to continue forward one must stay in midstream so as not to get washed aside and end up in the eddies.

Allow yourself to BE PRESENT ALL WAYS. This means to let yourself present your true face – to relax and let go of any “airs” and pretenses, to remove your mask and the costume which has disguised and covered (hidden) the Beauty and Radiance of your True Self from everyone – even you.