Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

As you decree, so it is. Remember to align your intention with the words you speak. Sometimes you claim that you have made your intention clear to the Universe and follow that up with statements that unravel the energies of the intention. For example, “I am a loving spark of the Infinite.” Later you say, “Those people are dangerous, and I don’t like looking at them or hearing them. They are despicable.” When you hear yourself making these unloving statements, forgive yourself and reclaim your intention. Otherwise, the Universe will believe you have a new intention to judge or to hate. Let there be Peace in your thoughts and words.

Ascended Master Lanto

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The Ego’s Endgame – Matt Kahn

The Ego’s Endgame

The ego always yearns for an endgame scenario. “How do I stop this, get rid of that, eliminate this, transcend that?” As long as this is the approach, you will simply redecorate ego with a new outfit made out of the same conditioning. While the ego always looks for things to stop, the one thing it cannot do is start something new. This is a choice only the soul can accomplish. By daring to focus on new choices, one empowered option at a time, you begin communing with your soul while simultaneously parting ways with attachments to ego with respect, humility, compassion and love. While the time spent asleep in ego undoubtedly leaves one with varying degrees of laziness, apathy, and exhaustion, it is your willingness to make new choices that aligns you with your soul, its wisdom, and the inspiration to choose wisely instead of impulsively. Such inspiration not only benefits you, but helps others evolve, once you are willing to be the first one to change for the better. This is the power of leading by example.

In the beginning, choosing from your soul will detox you from the grip of ego. While it might feel hellish in the beginning or as if this couldn’t possibly be the right way to go, if you stay the course such detoxification will usher in a state of existential renewal celebrating the emergence of your light into actualized form. 

Even when working your way through the depths of physical, emotional or energetic healing, the key is focusing on newly-empowered and loving choices to start, instead of going to war with the things your ego wishes to stop. 

Whether it’s eating in a healthy way on a more consistent basis, exercising more frequently, becoming more hydrated, setting daily intentions, creating a gratitude journal, getting out into nature even if just a walk around your neighborhood, starting or finishing art projects, or anything else you believe you cannot do until other distractions or perceived barriers have been laid to rest. As you detox from ego, notice how the one saying: “Not now. I can’t do this. It’s too hard!” is the very ego being integrated. Of course the ego can’t do it. The soul is doing it from within you. The ego isn’t doing anything but becoming undone at the rate at which you hear thoughts such as: “Not now. I can’t do this. It’s too hard,” while remaining focused on making wiser choices. All the while, keep taking breathing breaks to regulate your nervous system, practicing self-love to open and purify your heart, daring to pray for the wellbeing of yourself and others when judgements arise, and offering words of encouragement to the one in you growing, expanding and evolving in such a courageous way.

Despite any fear of missing out on what the ego may promise no matter how small each new choice may seem, and even when it feels agonizing to do so, this is the work at hand. The question remains, how deeply do you have to love yourself and how consistently must you choose differently in order to be excited about change instead of fearing or dreading it? The ego is sure to read such words and immediately wonder, “How can I eliminate the fear and dread, so nothing is in my way?” Please know such a question is nothing more than a facade keeping you focused on the things your ego believes it needs to stop. When in fact, all those things dissolve on their own the moment new choices dawn.

All For Love, Matt

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

Wake up and Dream! Do you remember how to do that? Come out of the fog of density and lift yourself into the Rays of the Central Sun! Travel as Light and discover that your life is as real as the dream you call forth! 

Ascended Master Serapis Bey

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The Gateway to Spiritual Consciousness, Owen Waters

The Gateway to Spiritual Consciousness

by Owen Waters

Love is the saving grace of all of humanity. We contact this primal energy in our finest moments. From the moment a baby is born, it is enshrouded in the unselfish love of its mother. From the moment a person springs into action to save others from peril, their own thoughts of survival are ‘overlighted’ by the love and caring that shines from their heart.

When a person dies and reviews their life, they see that one thing that mattered the most: Love. Pure, unadulterated, unconditional love. It is the source of compassion. It is the energy of caring for others. It is the binding force which holds together the entire universe, and it flows through you whenever you simply allow it.

Love is the gateway to spiritual consciousness. It is through activation of the spiritual heart that we pass into a whole new world of expansion and joy. In the realms of spiritual consciousness, we find peace, bliss, and continual inspiration. In the realms of spiritual consciousness, we expand our view of life to see the issues that are important to the soul. We can then see how love can heal and how we can and should spend the time to spread a little more love in the world every day, even if it is simply done in silent prayer for the well-being of others.

Let your heart open to love each and every day. Start the day in meditation and prayer for the healing and well-being of others and you will invoke a beautiful flow of natural energy through yourself. It truly is a great way to start each day because it sets the tone and the energy flow for the day.

When you are attuned to the natural flow of love throughout the universe, you then feel the natural flow of energy within your own universe. Your senses of insight and timing develop to help you achieve more and to succeed easily at the tasks that are important to you.

The flow of love is critical to life. Without the love of the Divine Mother which fills the universe, nothing would exist. For centuries, humankind has been playing a game where love and inner inspiration have been blocked off and ignored. Today, in this era of The Shift, the tide is turning and people are opening up to this wonderful flow of natural energy.

Remember the love within, especially when outer circumstances seem dark. Remember that love is the gateway to the higher realms of consciousness where answers can be found to meet every challenge that life presents.

Tune into love. It will never let you down. Instead, it will set your spirit free to explore the realms of consciousness which offer greater vistas of awareness, greater peace of mind, and a sense of ever-present joy.

Owen Waters is the author of Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality.

Today’s Point of Peace…

Today’s Point of Peace…

Use your voice to help and heal. Use your voice to praise and unify. Use your voice to teach, to share, to sing, to cry and to laugh. When your physical voice cannot express, use your energetic voice. Tone, chant and pray. Merge your voice with other voices when you are called to do that.

Ascended Lady Master Helen

Messages to Inspire and Nurture Peace From Dawn Katar and the Ascended Realms – http://www.openchannelresources.